Bags! Bags! Bags! – Which type do you like??


Ok, so you all know about my love for blushes and lipsticks…but I do have another side…The Bag-mati (as opposed to Bagwati but I don’t wana be accused of copying so..) I love all kinds of bags and have had my seasonal crazes…during wedding time, it was clutches, in college it was totes and messenger bags and so on…have you  also had such phases??

So this Bag-mati part of me is quite paticular..While I admire scores of bags and purses, I narrow down on one type and fixate on it till I buy to my hearts content and use the bags till they are nothing but a pile of rags 🙂 🙂 But recently my craze had gone to a different level altogether..where before I fixated on only 1 new style of bags, now its two!! Tauba! Tauba!!! 😉

The 2 new styles I’m currently obsessed with are Slingbags and bags with a handle on the top. They just look so chic and stylish…especially for the summer season 🙂

I was browsing online for shoulder bags and came across this site and found soooo many lust-worthy bags in one place….

radley london

Here are some bags I’m lemming right now..

  • Cumberland

satchel bag+ radley london

I looove this color and I can totally imagine walking around with this and a corally pair of heels…preferably printed 😉

  • Grosvenor

radley london bags + grosvenor

Apart from the fact that this bag is in my fav color in the world – PURPLE!, this attracted me because of its design and shape. Just picture this bag strapped across your body while you strut into a store for shopping?? Isn’t it delicious??? It does come in more colors incase you’re wondering..

  • Canning Town

radley + canning town+ bag + london

Pastel Green! Summer! Need I say more??? Just the mere sight of this bag makes me feel cool and fresh..It’s a lovely minty green. To tell you a secret, I think I was attracted to this bcoz the shade is like that of Orly Nailpolish in Gumdrop…Ahem… 😉

  • Sandringham

sandringham + radley london +bags

The coloorrrrr!!! I think I’m going bonkers over such neon pinks and coral shades….May it be shoes or bags my attention is centered on these kinda colors…This color was what attracted me to the site in the first place!

  • Compton

radley london + compton

Nothing like a plain, yet stylized white purse to emulate a chic and fashionable look. I’m not usually a white kinda gal but this caught my eye immediately!

  • Wolseley

radley london + wolseley

Where most funky colored bags tend to be suitable for social outings, this is one which attracted me because ofnot just the color but also because it’s an ideal bag for work too! Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone!! I’m planning to ask hubby for this as an early anni gift..what say?

Phew! So many gorgeous bags!!! I couldn’t control myself and decided I had to share a slice of my obsession with you guys too 😉 All these purses are in my wishlist and I’m hoping to buy atleast 1 one of them sometime soon.

Did any of these styles or colors appeal to you? And what kind of styles of bags do you usually prefer? Do let us know..

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  1. i m MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD About BAGS Especially slings and shoulder handbags..they are soooooooo :chic: lyk Me! :lipstick:

    I loved all the red corals and purple bag here! gr8 Post…Zee! :yippee: :dance-left-right: :tap-dance: :hug-makeup:

    • Ric! i want more n more sling bags….its like..NEVER enuff no matter how much i have…kya karu???

      Purpe wala is also my fav ya…i want t buy all these bags..kaash discount hota!

  2. PURPLE!!!! 😀 😀 I somehow loveee that colour! I had a bag in tht colour also – then it tore ;(
    Me likey hugee bags with enough space for all my stuff – I carry an aprtment around 😛

  3. I like them all cause of the dog logos Zara 🙂

    An interesting story: In 2000 when mum n I were shopping for a bag for my wedding, we passed the Salvatore Ferragamo shop that had recently burnt down. So the bangladeshi guard who used to work there was still guarding the ruins and said to us – u want to see bags ? we were like ok and he took us behind to see some bags that he had salvaged during the fire and there was a big black ferragamo bag and he sold it to us for the equivalent of Rs. 150! Can u belive it….? I used the bag for 10 years non stop and when I finally gave it to a needy lady it was intact, not a scratch. not one single scratch. She of course didn’t know the value of it and chucked it in a while…..but what a bag and what a brand!

  4. awesome bags.. the goofy logo just adds to the oomph factor of these bags..

    canning town, sandringham & wolseley are my favs in this list 🙂

    juicy & youthful shades Z… 🙂

    • thanx Rev…i want all these bags and moreso coz of the vibrant shades….most of the bags u get r commonly black , brown or a old looking white…these r so trendy..

  5. omgggggggg all of dem r gorgeous…….. but m into bags tht much..i feel dey r bhoj 😀 😛 but nw u r tempting me to buy a sexy bag.. 😎 . i can ask a return gift for deir anniv 😛

  6. I loooooooooooooove bags these days though I have to use big boxy ones that can accommodate mine and baby’s things as well..I love the pink and purple bags

      • I get mine from Clover centre but these days I am using a Lavie handbag I got from SS…mera bag collection is so huge that even by mom in law is exasperated

      • Mine usually use to come from ESBEDA..But esbeda has become bad in their quality somehow..i remember my 1st esbeda which i used for 2 long years without any damage..and den i got my 2nd n rd which din even last 6months! :brokenheart:

        So i switched to other branded bags or bags from bangkok n all that..even the 1st copies of branded bags are way better than baggit n esbeda bags! :tap-dance: 😀 :yes:

  7. I love slings and I am drooling on pastels…went to sarojini last week and there were so many in pastels and neon and prices were just unbelievable!!!

  8. woowww…awesome i loved the coral and purple bag a lottt…even the green one perfect to be teemed up with white ,beige dresses…can u gals suggest any shop in hyderabad with such beautiful collection and affordable prices??

    • seriously minu…i want all these bags…so tmpting they r….

      maybe gals from hyd can guide u on this tho…m not from there so dont have an idea 🙂

  9. Hiya Zara,
    Yups babes I too am obsessed wid bags n collect lodes of em, no particular brand or style but I always like to pick a unique piece that’ll make heads turn, also it should be big enuff to hold all my girlie stuff :lipstick:

  10. Nice post and I love all the bags that you have posted here. I am already following your blog. Since you are a fashionista,have you heard of the new waterless campaign from Levis. This water<less campaign is on the lines of saving water for the earth. Ain't it cool?


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