Bajaj Almond Drops Vitamin E Oil Review


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Another hair product? yaa! I like taking care of my hair as much as skin. And when people tell me that my hair is getting longer than ever, I swell. And it makes me experiment with more hair products or home remedies and packs. This time I am gonna talk about Bajaj almond drops oil which I have been using since years.


  • What does the product say: Nourishes hair roots and Scalp. Keeps Hair Healthy and Long.
  • Price of the Bajaj Almond Drops Oil: INR 150 for 500 ml.
  • Key Ingredients: Mineral oil, Vegetable oil, Perfume, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E


My Experience with Bajaj Almond Drops Oil


I have had an on and off relationship with this oil. It just because I love coconut oil equally, so sometimes it’s just coconut oil enjoying the space on my shelf and sometimes this almond oil gives company. It comes in a glass bottle for 300 ml or smaller packs but this time I bought a 500 ml pack and it has plastic bottle!

bajaj almond oil reviews+Almond oil reviews

I usually warm Almond Drops oil a bit before applying to the scalp; it gives me a feeling of penetrating into the skin better. But of course, when I want relief from dandruff or itching in head, I switch to coconut oil. Sometimes when I feel dry feet or dry legs, I massage with Bajaj Almond drops oil and it being non sticky, absorbs beautifully into my skin without staining the clothes 😀 . as you all know and see from bottle, the oil is yellowish in color. The outlet for the oil 


Dabur bajaj almond oil benefits

What I liked about Bajaj Almond Drops Oil:


  • It’s non-sticky.
  • Contains Vitamin E, which is yay! You know why.
  • You can mix a drop of oil with 2-3 drops of water when your hair becomes stubborn.
  •   I apply it on my feet too before going to bed. This oil takes care of them very well and doesn’t stain my bed sheet as it got absorbed so easily.
  • It helps in fading the fresh marks from the skin, just wash the area and apply at night.
  • Inexpensive.


What I didn’t like about Bajaj Almond Drops Oil:


  • Its bottle is troublesome, not at all travel friendly. Chances of breakage (of glass bottle) and spillage of oil are high.
  • Sometimes I find its smell annoying. Coconut oil smell is always more pleasant than this.
  • Incomplete list of ingredients… come on people! You should not hide the product information. It’s the right of consumer.
  •  Will I Repurchase:  Yep! I have been repurchasing it since long.
  •  Wise she Rating: 3.5/5.


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  1. Good review. It is non sticky in texture but on applying hair feels greasy.
    It is helpful for people with dry and frizzy hair on whom it might not feel greasy

  2. Hi Anamika,.., Am desperately searching for pure almond oil specially for my face! can you pls let me know any good brand.. Thanx in advance dear…

  3. this sure is a revelation. i wasnt aware that it could be used for the face too. I do have acne scars. will definitely try using it on those first. I am skeptical about using oil since my face is oily/combination.

  4. Looks like a reliable product. I just have to say that the pro naturals argan oil I’m using right now, soothes the cuticles and cures split-ends, so if anyone is interested check it out.


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