Banana hair pack/mask recipe and its benefits with step by step pictures

A rich source of potassium , vitamin C and Vitamin B banana protects  our hair from damages . Banana hair mask is quiet beneficial for those who travel outside and are exposed to dirt, pollution and various environmental toxins every day.
The pack also prevents split ends and is excellent in curing dandruff and of course moisturizing your scalp and making your hair soft.

Here goes the simple mask recipe

Take 2-3 bananas depending upon your hair length.I took three but ate one while peeling them: P.Puree the banana in a mixture grinder.It is very important to be banana of smooth texture otherwise it will be difficult to take it out.

                                    Add 2 tbsp. of curd in the mixture and blend the mixture nicely.

 Now add 1tsp. of honey and 1tsp of olive or almond oil.You can skip the oil if you want but adding oil gives strength to the hair.

Mix all the ingredients together and for a real smooth paste.If you want you can put all the ingredients together in a blender and then make a smooth paste.Those who have dry hair can add one egg also in it.

How to apply it
Step1-Brush your hair thoroughly  to avoid tangles as much as possible.
Step2-Scoop out a small amount of hair mask in to your hand and apply it on your scalp.First cover up all the scalp.You will feel cool and slippery

Step3-Cover your whole hair with the pack and then and wrap a thin bath towel around your head so that the hair mask does not drip.Use a very thin towel otherwise towel may end up soaking all the hair product.
Step4-Leave the hair mask in your hair for 20-30 minutes.
Step5-Use cold water to rinse your hair .Do not use hot water otherwise you may end up cooking the bananas in your head.
You let your hair air dry or style your hair the way you want.You will see instant improvement in your hair .
You can use this mask twice in a week for best result:)
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  1. I tired this Hair mask today and amazing results. My hair are frizzy but they became soft , straight and shiny. I will follow it again next week to get the best results


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