Bangalore Wiseshe-ers Weekend!!!


Janani, Salma & I are all in Bangalore and I have wanted to go out, especially after the Mumbai meet – where they not only hauled goodies but also had a great time. Finally, I met Janani last Sunday a few Sundays back (I have been very sick, pardon me) and it was FABULOUS! These are the things we did, in a sequence:

Meet at Banashankari BDA complex : she came by in  her Scooty and I joined her there. We started towards 1 MG Mall, Trinity Circle because (you guys are clever!! Inglot) ofcourse!!

InglotQup Store
@ 1 MG Mall : we shopped, ate, talked and basically had fun.

Inglot Face Blush 23

Inglot Nail Polish -632

Inglot 27TG Stippling blush

Inglot purchases

Aldo : I wanted to buy their watch sets, but they had nothing that I’d have liked to buy. I tried some sunglasses, but they didn’t look so hot on me. Finally, I asked for the printed sunglass cases and the SA promised to drop me a message when it arrived. We immediately went to Inglot.

Janani all posing 

Jaan - all posey

Inglot : well, the MUA here was male with green eye liner 🙂  and another really pretty one with a gorgeous manicure. I so wanted to buy a blush, the 1st one he suggested had my cheeks looking like it had bad pink rash. The 2nd one was FAB. I picked that one up and also a stippling brush. So I have lost my blush & brush virginity. If you are wondering about Sleek’s Rose Gold, that belongs to my sister. This one is purely MINE. Jaan checked out a couple of lipsticks and I was browsing when I looked at the female MUA’s manicure. She had this amazing light gold with glitter and I asked her what colors she used. She tried it on me and I bought the nail color 😛 . Here’s how it looks on me;

Inglot manicure

I had her do up all my nails while Jaan was browsing. Oh btw, this easily the 3 week after the application and the nail paint hasn’t chipped!! She picked up the duraline and no picture because…she’s got it with her.

Qup : this place has some of the best looking stuff in terms of accessories and I finally tried some sunglasses that looked good on me. After a lot of back and forth with Jaan & the SA, I settled on the one below. I am very very tempted to add a tiny rosette on it a la – Honestly WTF’s DIY range. It is *love-ly*!!

My pasta

Ice cream @ ibacko : I did this post on my blog on “ibacko” – a new ice cream place near my house and Jaan badly wanted to visit the place. We visited it after all our shopping and at the end of our day to sign off on a sweet note 🙂

Our icecreams

Well, we had a great time…mostly because Jaan is a lovely person and she was the *right* person to buy my 1st blush. I mean, she knows her stuff, gave me wonderful feedback and loved every moment of it. Hannhhh…so what was unique?? We didn’t know each before our eyes clapped in Banashankari but we had an awesome connect in IngIot – all thanks to Wise She. I hope to return this favor to her when she wants to shop next .

By the way, Salma – we missed you. Next time, let’s all catch up and if there’s anyone else from Bangalore, the more – the merrier 🙂

…I am waiting for our Kobe’s visit!!

 Enjoi the piccys 🙂

…are you jealous yet??

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  1. Arey he’s standing der .. On dat inglot pic .. We needed a close up of his .. Next time pukka .. Vaish where’s my ceaser salad ? And babe I found a place dat makes divine ceaser salad .. Melts in de mouth types .. Next time ..

  2. Faces behind the comments… 😛 glad to see you all…. :hug-makeup:
    nice clicks lolls :rotfl:
    Anybody fm chennai wiseshe fans wanna make a meet up 😎

  3. U lucky galsss!! Cute mani Vaish :yes: N whattay pose janu (or shud i call u ceasar salad instead 😉 ) N i’d like that stippling brush and the choco-mint icecream. Thanks :shy:

  4. o my god!!! i jus saw this… wow u guys…. nice stuff vaish… ya ya next time for sure…. m comin…. but i wud b comin wid my son…. 😛 m free after oct 11th… guys let me no…

  5. Hello..! I live in bangalore too and i was wondering if you get moderately priced stippling brushes around here?? And what was the price of the Inglot stippling brush?
    Thanks 🙂


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