Banjara’s Saffron Cleansing Milk Review


Thanks all of you for liking my first MAC brush review and now I am super excited…also I must admit I am totally in love with this make up beauty dedicated site.

Last month when I visited health and glow to look up for a new foundation(I am a foundation junkie) I ended up bumping into banjaras section .the rep in the counter was trying to convince me to buy their saffron facial kit which dint seem to excite me much.though I managed to escape from buying it..the rep was successful in pushing this saffron cleanser to me.Since it was not heavy on pocket I decided to give it a try

  • Price-INR  120
  • Place of Purchase :health and glow



What product claims:-


 It has a mild smell of kesar(saffron) and it is creamy in texture. it easily spreads ..hence a small quantity would be enough for the entire face.

What I think about the product Banjara’s Cleansing milk 

In my view the product is an average cleaner which struggles to remove water proof make up especially eye makeup. Though I like the pleasant smell of the cleanser it does not perform its job well. I normally wear mac or Revlon foundation. I have to clean my face twice to remove the foundation completely from my face. Also it seems to sting my eyes while it tries to remove the mascara and fails miserably.
I have a dry skin and after cleansing with this product my skin does not feel stretchy or dried out.

SAFFRON CLEANSING MILK REVIEW Banjaras reviews and swatches

What I liked about Banjara’s cleansing milk

  • Easily available
  • Light on pocket
  • Key ingredients such as saffron, turmeric, red sandal wood oil
  • Spreads easily
  • Pleasant smell
  • Easy to use packaging. it has a flip open top
  • Suits dry skinned beauties

What I do not like about Banjara’s Cleansing Milk

  • Struggles to remove long wear or waterproof makeup
  • Stings eye
  • Does not remove eye make up such as waterproof mascara
  • Only key ingredients are mentioned
  • Oily skinned beauties might find it a little oily after cleansing

Do I recommend it?

Well not really…but if you just want to clean your face off the dust,dirt and may as well give it a try provided you have a dry skin.If you want to remove may not like this product

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    • i like banjara’s face pack too..have tried quite a few ..which one is yur fav Deep :)

  1. ive never tried any banjara stuff…actually i odnt recall even seeing this brand anywhere…although i guess after reading this, i’d like to giv it a miss, i wud like ti use a fase mask from them.. 🙂

      • :rotfl: it seems lyk i live in some odd remote area :duh: i dnt get half of the good cosmetic brands mai ni :smug:

        Ana Can you pls ask MAC ppl on ur next trip when will they open up there store here in chandigarh ?? :worship:

  2. Banjaras is a Hyd based prod company.. mostly found in the southern states… I have tried their rose water and papaya face pack…they are good…. 🙂

  3. hi mam .. this is preetha .. i just have a doubt .. which is good among banjaras saffron or banjaras papaya pack .?? waiting for reply ..


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