Bare Escentuals Angled Brush Review


By Zara,                       Bare escentuals review – Bare Escentuals Angled Brush Review


As everyone knows, the key to good makeup is blending. And to master the art of blending, a good set of brushes are a must. Once I understood this funda, I started my hunt and ended up getting a couple of brushes with which I’ve had both good and bad experiences. Hence, thought of sharing with you.

Today I’ll be reviewing the bare Minerals Angled face brush from Bare Escentuals.

bare escentuals reviews

Brush Details from Bare Escentuals

  • What is it: Soft-tapered bristles fit perfectly in cheek contours for defined cheekbones with bareMinerals Blush and also provide sweeping, allover application with bareMinerals All-Over Face Colors.
  • Soft, angled small brush head for perfectly sculpted cheeks
  • Why is it different: Taper size–soft, angled medium brush head. Complexion coverage–medium-to-full contour application.
  • How do I use it: Find the contour of your cheeks and use the brush to lightly sweep any Bare Escentuals All-Over Face Colors on your face. Add an extra pop of color by applying bareMinerals on the high points of your face, including your forehead, nose, and jaw line. Suggested use with bareMinerals Blushes, bareMinerals All-Over Face Color




Bare Escentuals Brushes and Tools

  • Weight: 0.03 pounds
  • Length: 5.4 inches
  • Width: 2.3 inches
  • Height: 0.7 inches
  • Original Price: 700INR from Ebay (including shipping) Its pretty cheap if bought from the US. I think it costs approx 11$ there.

My experience with the Bare Escentuals Angled Brush:

I have been using this brush since approx 6months and I have no complaints. I have tried to review the brush as per by understanding of what’s important in a brush. Please feel free to add any points I’ve missed.

  • Packaging: This brush comes in a plastic wrapping, no box. The brush doesn’t come with a bristle-guard.
  • Bristle Size: The bristles are not too long not too short and are perfect to be used for blsh, bronzer or powder application.
  • Bristle Texture: When I saw this brush, I instantly felt like I’d made a mistake. The bristles looked a bit harsh and straw-like. But when I opened the transparent packaging, my opinion was rectified. The bristles are in fact pretty soft. One can’t compare the texture to that of the Ecotools brushes, but suffice to say, these bristles don’t poke or scratch the face in any way.


Bare essential brush angled review

Bristle Quality (Color, Bleeding & Shedding):

The bristles are a combination of dark brown and straw yellow in color.

I always wash my brushes when I first get them since I have sensitive skin and need to ensure that the brushes are clean and are done with any bleeding or initial shedding prior to using it. When I first washed this, there was a mild amount of bleeding (of the yellow). But it wasn’t prolonged and not of much concern.

Before buying this brush, I’d done a lot of research (as usual) and one of the most common issues people had with this brush was the amount of shedding. But the number of ‘Goods’ outweighed the ‘Bads’ and I got it. Thankfully, the brush I have doesn’t shed much..I have been using it for over 5mts and its still fluffy and dense. It does shed once in a while during washing, but nothing drastic.

Versatility: As I mentioned above, this brush can be used for blush, bronzer, for using powders or even just for highlighting. I prefer using this brush for either bronzer/ contouring or for blush. I use it more commonly for contouring/bronzer though. A plus point is that it fits right into the hollow of my cheeks so there’s no worry of getting bronzer/ contour shade all over the place. And for a make-up newbie like me, its a comfort to know that I have something less to worry about and don’t need to give much of a thought to neatness. This brush does it all for me.


bare escentuals angled brush review

  • Washing & Drying: I wash this brush the usual way Johnson’s baby shampoo followed by any mild conditioner. Since the bristles of this brush are so dense, it does take me a tad bit longer to get it thoroughly cleaned. Its drying time is about 7-8hrs.
  • Handling: The handle is a short, chubby one and makes it very easy for me to use. Its sturdy, yet light enough to be used easily without any inconvenience of a long handle swishing back and forth.

Working with the BE Angled face brush:

I am totally in awe of this brush. It picks up just the right amount of product, may it be normal pressed blush powders or mineral powders.

When it comes to using this with a bronzer, the brush picks up enough product in one go and is dense enough I’m able to apply and blend perfectly into the hollow on my cheeks.

Wrt using this with blushes, this brush has again exceeded my expectations.  I use this to buff and blend my blush so that my blush looks more like an inner flush than as if I’ve applied something 🙂


Bare Essential brush reviews


  • Travel size and easy to store
  • Bristles are densely packed
  • Handle is sturdy and light making it easy to use
  • Picks up just the right amount of color
  • Gud to use with both pressed powders and pigments
  • Good brush for starters
  • Very versatile brush and has multiple uses


  • Does shed a tiny bit more than my other brushes
  • Cleaning is more time consuming

Rating: 4.5/5 ( -.5 for the difficulty in cleaning)


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  1. Nice brushes Zaara. I need brushes for contouring, but I’m very uncomfortable with online shopping. The brushes look so tempting.I’ll ask somebody to pick up one or two if anybody is going to the US

  2. wow Zara nice review !!!
    brush is so cute!!!
    u got two brushes for seven hundred thats a good deal it seems !!!
    hey thanks for the washing tip.
    I used to wash my compact puffs with dettol handwash. :laugh:
    Now thanks for that tip to wash it in J & J shampoo.
    conditioner tip is also awesome..
    I do have a kabuki brush from bourjois and its so cute.
    now onwards I shall wash it with J & J :-* .
    thank u Zara !!!

  3. U know due to regular touch ups my powder puffs become so dirty. so i wash it every single day with dettol handwash..
    U r true it may be strong. J & J is good
    since I ve gallons of J & J shampoo to get over.
    thanks Zara.
    am gonna go through that link

  4. no re from Kochi !!!!
    even I ve nt master that art. I do it out of my sheer interest..
    now am running short of time
    so just left it !!!

    • Hihi..I luv art too..i like cartooning and sketching though..but same as u, i hardly get the time..any spare time i have, i prefer t read 🙂

  5. hey same to same Zara
    I love cartooning the most. my biggest dream is to do some portraits some day. but for that I need constant practice which of course cant help much now ..
    but one day I would definitely master it .
    bcoz am so crazy about doing portraits 😎

      • yes zara. cartooning is so much fun !!!
        but I havent touched my sketch book for so much time..
        Infact my institute provided sketching classes in our hostels . those daysI remember . a master use to come and would ask us to bring apple to the class. he would place it in a such a manner and ask us to sketch it with all the shading and all. we used to have fun. most of the time I eded up drawing a mango instead of an apple he he he :blush:
        by the way my other hobbies include music. playing tabla and recently cooking too.
        no reading for me :smug:

  6. well! where i can get qvs brushes . are they soft enough as u know my skin is sensitive so i dont want scratchy brushes

  7. I got this brush from Amazon and it’s incredibly soft and easily taps out excess to help you control how much blush color you apply. It cleans thoroughly with just a little mild soap. Be sure and rinse completely and let it dry and it’s like new again. Highly recommended 😀 also.


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