Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush Review


By Zara,

Hi All,

Today I’ll be reviewing the Bare Escentuals Heavenly Blush Brush.

This is a flat top brush and is again pretty versatile in its use.

 Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush Review

About the Heavenly Blush Brush

This brush is made of finest quality of hair Ultra soft & plush Silky blunt-cut large brush head gives light application of color Helps float over your complexion like silk feather An ideal tool for a natural flawless complexion

Company Claim

  • Supremely soft and plush, this brush floats over your complexion like the finest silk feather.
  • The silky, blunt-cut large brush head gives a light application of color that makes it virtually goof-proof. Even novice makeup artists will feel like pros using this brush.
  • These brushes are designed to buff on the perfect amount of bareMinerals for the most natural, flawless application. Only the finest quality of hairs are used to make buffing bareMinerals feel like second nature.



  • Brush Length: 5.75 inches
  • Bristle Height: 1 inch
  • Original Price: $29 (I got it for 816 INR including shipping from Ebay )


My experience with the Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush:

  • I have been using this brush since approx six months and I have no complaints. I have tried to review the brush as per by understanding of what’s important in a brush. Please feel free to add any points.
  • Packaging: This brush comes in a plastic wrapping, no box. The brush does not come with a bristle-guard. This brush is a limited edition one with an orange colored handle. Bare Escentuals does have a similar brush in their permanent line having a black handle. The handle, while it looks heavy, is lightweight and is made from plastic and some silver metal.
  • Bristle Texture: The bristles totally live up to their claim of being ultra soft. They are not the least bit scratchy or prickly
  • Bristle Size: The bristles are very short (a li’l more than 1inch in height) and as visible from the pictures, this is a flat top brush.

bare escentuals brush review

Bristle Quality (Color, Bleeding & Shedding): The bristles are a dark brown color and are closely packed together. There was absolutely no bleeding when I washed this and it has never given me extensive problems with shedding either.

Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush Review

Washing & Drying of Bare Escentuals Brush

I wash this brush quite often since I use it for applying foundation. The bristles, being dense, do require a bit of extra effort to clean, but it doesn’t take too long to clean. I usually keep it right under the fan and it dries in approx 4hrs.


The handle is short and chubby one and very easy to use. I love these kind of handles since it allows me a lot of control during application.


This brush although publicized as a blush brush can be used for applying foundation, blush or bronzer. I majorly use it for foundation and bronzer.

I find this brush great for layering and is good for make-up newbies or for those who are unsure of how much product is enough. I used to have this issue while applying bronzer. I always ended up with too much or too little. But using this brush gives me the freedom to brush and scrutinize, brush and scrutinize until I’m satisfied.

I have used this with tinted powders as well and they work really well. I’ve read a lot of reviews also where people have appreciated this brush with respect to usage of mineral powders. So one can try that as well.


While using this with foundation, I just pump out some foundation on my hand and then dip this brush and dot the various areas on my face. Then I buff it out using this brush and blend until I’m satisfied with the overall look. Another way to do this would be to blend in the foundation with your fingers first. And then use this brush to even it out.

With bronzers, I just swirl the brush in the pan and apply lightly while making my oh-so-laughed-at fish face 🙂 I blend and layer on more if required and I’m done ! But one has to be careful while using this brush for bronzers since its very easy to go wrong with this.

Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush Review


What I like about Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush Review

  • Great for beginners
  • Travel size and easy to store
  • Can be used with Bristles are dense
  • Dries pretty fast
  • Picks up just the right amount of color and doesn’t drink up liquid foundation while applying like a lot of foundation brushes do.
  • Doesn’t shed too much
  • Gud to use with both pressed powders, pigments and mineral make up

What I do not like Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush Review

  • I didn’t find it very suitable to apply blush. Others may have a different experience.

Rating: 5/5






  1. Zara give s the seller name as well whenever you showcase your online buys na…

    And i liked the colour of your walls..purrrrrrrrple

    • lolz…and Zara buys most of the thing as per seller rating i believe..
      i also got few e bat products and i think they r the most i daily visit ebay and i guess they know that is hwy they sent me even a coupon for phree phree phree

  2. Yep..i always follow seller rating…otherwise its really easy to get, alot of highly rates sellers also sell dupes…and ppl like me who are not too aware of spotting them get sucked in.. 🙁 🙁 But yes, overall, i’ve had a gr8 experience shopping with Ebay..

    Haan, they send coupons from time to time..especially in the beginning..and if u go 1.5-2weeks without buying anything then they always send a coupon..hihi..gud selling strategy i must say.. 🙂

  3. I do the same thing…and u know wot happens? in the end i have soooo many windows open and i start shortlisting aur aakhir me i get 3-4 things out of which coupon can b used only for 1 thing..heehee…

    waise if ur not in a hurry, can u wait a while? kal i had seen some nice stuff but b4 i cud save links, my battery died..once i go to my room after work ill check and tell u if those things r still available..chalega?

  4. i never knew that u can write so much about a make up brush :O :O
    😀 but nice revie.. and nice brush 😛 😛
    but how can u apply foundation wid this brush!!
    isnt it difficult?

  5. Thanx MOKP..Its identical to Sigma?? yey!! Now i can be happy that i have atleast a sigma look-alike..warna i have not even touched a Sigma.. 🙁 🙁

  6. zara…next time do a psot on online shoppiing……kaunsi site sabse achi hai…..kis kis site se kya kya le sakte hai….which site has been ur fav…..which site has been most reliable……and kahan credit card use krna hai aur kahan debit card use kar sakte hai and kahan cash on delivery kaoption hota hai…..ok…be thorough and tell all…….plz help us….i 🙂 am online shopping illeterates…

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