Bare Minerals Tapered Blending Brush Photos & First Impression


Bare Minerals Tapered Blending Brush

Hello Everyone,

So I hauled a lot of stuff this time including makeup and accessories and so I am sharing these stuff with all of you guys one after the other! 😉

I hope you have already read my initial thoughts about an Eye Enhancing Due Set from Ecotools. Well, I am trying to come up with a suitable eye look using that set soon!

Here I have a brush to show you all and its from the brand Bare Minerals. Lets, see what the brand says about this brush!

bare minerals blending brush

About Bare Minerals Tapered Blending Brush

Sweep great coverage right into your crease. This tapered brush head is designed to buff back and forth in the crease for foolproof definition and blending. And thanks to its long handle, it works from any angle. This is basically an eye brush which is just perfect for defining the crease of the eyes.


  • The brush is made of Goat Hair.
  • Perfectly sweep color onto crease
  • Leaves a flawless coverage easily

Price– $18

bare minerals tapered brush

Brush Packaging– The brush has a long handle which enables easy and effortless handling. The soft bristles are made of quality hair and are smooth. This tapered blending brush is perfect in size for blending near the creases of the eyes.

The bristles taper towards the end and has the perfect shape which picks up the right amount of product needed to define the crease of the eyes.

The brush bears the name of the brand over the long handle.

My Initial Thoughts about  Bare Minerals Tapered Blending Brush:

Well, this is just a sneak peek about the brush and the detailed review will follow soon as I will bring the brush to use in my upcoming makeup looks.

bare minerals tapered blending brush

Bare Minerals is a reputed brand when it comes to makeup accessories and I am already having high hopes with this blending brush. Lets see how this makeup brush fares for me!

So, let me come up with another post in which I will share the possible pros and cons about the brush and then you can easily decide whether this brush is worth buying or not! 🙂 Stay tuned beauties!

Have you tried  Bare Minerals Tapered Blending Brush?

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    • I have used the TBS one..if i compare this one with TBS one it will win for sure..reason is its fluffy and nicely pointed for precise blending and its way soft too 🙂


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