Basic Blush Techniques-Suggestions


Amrapali asks,

Hi gals am new to blushes and totally loving them 😀 Can you gals suggest me some basic blush techniques for particular face shapes?


basic blush techniques-Suggestions


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  1. U need to know your face shape first. Mine is slim hence I need to apply blush on my cheekbones. if u are golu and cute, apply it on cheekbones and end it at the temples making a C.

  2. hey Amrapali, honestly it all depends on ur face…If u have a slim face, then sweep the blush from the appples f ur cheeks to ur temples…If u have a rund face or prominent/chubby cheeks, then apply it on the sides of ur cheeks ignoring the apples….this is majorly bcoz when u apply blush on the apples, ur cheeks will look too prominent which chubby gals like me wana conceal 🙂

  3. Hey Zee, can you please post a tutorial kind of thing for this ? Even I want to use blush without highlighting my chubby cheeks.
    Btw, I’m a silent reader of this site and have received so much gyaan from all of u.
    My makeup and overall look has improved so much thanks to all your posts and suggestions.
    Even my husband complimented me on my eye-makeup the other day !! 😛


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