Basic wardrobe of an Indian working professional

You may have n number of clothes but do you have basic wardrobe?Generally all of our ward robe is over stuffed but we always feel we don’t have clothes isn’t?This is because we want to wear each and every thing and to fulfill our demands market is full of various styles of dresses.A ward robe must have practical pieces.Even if one have all the classy pieces that doesn’t mean they have a fantastic wardrobe.A perfect ward robe is one which has all the essential pieces ,fits you properly and the stuff is not outdated.

There are certain essential items that every woman must have in her wardrobe if she wants to be properly dressed for any situation.Here is a compromised list of at least 10 clothing which are a must for a working professional
An over cost is essential in winter depending upon the longitude of your location.It hides away all your extra inches.These coats provides you with protection from bad weather and dust.It gives a professional touch in the eyes of people who are around you.Also maintaining a coat is easy ,it doesn’t require repeated washing.

Black jacket or blazer suits all body types and goes well with a jeans,trouser and a white shirt.Fitting of a blazer is very important.Blazer should be tailored well and should be of latest trend.

A crisp white, stretch cotton shirt looks classic. It can be worn at the office or casually with jeans. It matches every color.When ever buying a white shirt always make sure it is not see through and fits your body style.

A little black dress for a casual friendly meet goes well.Available in various styles and sizes doesn’t require much accessorizing.You can wear it with a jacket in winters too.

Available in different colors are a must.Market is full of different types of skirts.You can buy a denim skirts as well team it up with legging in winters.If you are in one of those who are not comfortable in short denims you can buy long denim skirts too.You can know about ethnic skirts also here

Basically, black trousers are always a staple whatever the season. Wide leg, skinny, straight styles for work, evening or weekends. Black trousers are our winning brand because of their expertise in style, cut and shape etc.

Jeans are comfortable to wear in all season.A blue pair is a must .If you are in a good shape they look flattering as well.Indian women are bulky generally and have hard time in choosing their perfect fir.Generally a boot cut style suits all body type.

If you go to gym or do yoga at home then nothing can beat sweat pants.Their comfort make you wear them every day.You can go to your grocery store and go in lounges in them.They look trendy are comfortable,flexible and adsorb sweat.

You can not have just one of sari if you are an Indian.They are surely a must in your ward robe.

Salwar kameez is available in n numbers of designs in market and with halter and cut sleeves trends in salwar kameez coming up women have started liking them again.They are ideal for festivals and when you have elder relatives coming at home.


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