Basicare Mini Eyelash Curler Review


About Basiccare Mini Eyelash Curler:-

  • Ideal Compact Style for Travel
  • Extra Spare Rubber

Price: INR 100

 Basicare Mini Eyelash Curler Review+


It comes in a tough, transparent, sealed plastic pouch with a flap that can be closed and re-opened. The pouch is quite resilient and is re-usable. The only issue is that the pouch is more than double the size of the actual curler thus wasting a lot of space while travelling. :-/ Wish it were smaller and as compact as the curler itself. The curler is less than half the size of my palm and is glossy black in color. It is quite sturdy and the lever can be closed tight with a mild click. I say “quite” sturdy since the lever seems just a wee bit floppy. Not sure if it’ll break if handled roughly. The rubber pad is purple in color and the spare pad can be seen at the base of the curler.


Basiccare Mini Eyelash Curler Instructions

Use a magnifying mirror in order to place the curler evenly on lashes, gently pull the lever downwards. Do not pull lashes during curling.

Review Basicare Mini Eyelash Curler+

My experience with Basiccare Mini Eyelash Curler:

Is it just me, or do eyelash curlers resemble surgical devices?? :doctor:  But ever since Zara reviewed the Inglot BP eyelash curler here, Inglot BP Lash Curler Review I knew I had to get one for myself. So when I spotted this on an online shopping website for a mere 100 bucks, I was super thrilled! Oddly, some websites mentioned that this was battery operated. An inexpensive battery-operated curler seemed like a bad idea since I knew it’d be of the cheapest quality imaginable and may damage my lashes. But then I thought what the heck! It’s so darn cheap that I can toss it after a use if I’m not satisfied. I heaved a sigh of relief when I discovered that this is a manual curler after all and not battery operated.

The instructions on the packaging seemed way too simple. I mean, it says pull the lever downwards. Now, If you’ve never used such curlers before, you’d be left thinking,”What lever? Which lever? Where the heck is the lever??”. :confused: Thankfully Zara had put up such lovely, clear pictures in her review that I was already very familiar with the usage. :nerd: But still, being a complete amateur when it comes to eyelash curlers, the first time I used this, I held the curlers on my lashes for about 2 to 3 seconds and let go. Needless to say, there was no difference whatsoever and I dissed this as a total dud. But some googling and youtube videos later, I realized that I have to hold it for a minimum of 15 to 30 seconds for the curler to do its job. :silly:

Basicare Mini Eyelash Curler+

The compact curler fits the curve of the eye easily and curls lashes well when held for 20 seconds or more. It was easy to curl the lashes at the centre and at the outer end, but the inner corner lashes seemed hard to get since the width of the curler seemed a bit much to fit into the small corner. I also realized that black eyelash curlers are not really the best idea since eyelashes are naturally black and you can’t quite make out how far up or down your lashes are. In fact, you won’t even realize if none of your lashes made its way into the curler. :confused: Of course, this problem can be sorted out if you use a magnifying mirror :search: and curl your lashes in a well lit room :lamp: .

I wanted to see the true results of using a curler, so I curled the lashes on my right eye and applied mascara. On my left eye, I applied mascara without curling my lashes. Now, I have to mention that most mascaras succeed in curling my lashes fairly well (I believe it’s the technique more than the wand or formula). So I really could not make out the difference. I even tried re-curling the lashes on my right eye “after” applying mascara. Again, there was no dramatic difference. Hmm…now I’m pretty confused as to whether I really need a curler. ?:-)

The pic on the left shows my lashes before using a curler and the one on the right is the effect after curling (without any mascara):-

Basicare Mini Eyelash Curler Review Usage+

What I like about Basicare Mini Eyelash Curler:-

  • Cute, compact size that fits into the palm of my hand
  • Looks less intimidating than regular curlers 😛
  • Quite durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Curls lashes well
  • Great for travelling since it takes up virtually no space
  • Comes with an extra rubber pad
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Easily available online
  • Gave me the confidence try out a full-sized curler :lashes:

What I don’t like about Basicare Mini Eyelash Curler:-

  • Difficult to curl inner corner lashes
  • Since the curler is black in color, you can’t quite make out how far up or down your lashes are while curling (unless you have blonde lashes 😛 )
  • Although the pouch is re-usable, it is more than double the size of the compact curler and takes up too much space while travelling

Rating: 4.8/5

Final Thoughts:

If you’re suffering from an innate phobia of eyelash curlers, here’s scope for improvement. This mini curler is compact, does its job well and doesn’t look as terrifying as full-sized metal eyelash curlers. After using this, I’m itching to try a regular curler so that I can get to the get inner corner lashes as well. Nevertheless, this a great handbag essential and will be adored by those who travel frequently. The quality and efficiency is good enough for beginners and at this price tag, it’s definitely worth a try :yes:

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  1. Hey Nafisa, good details review dear. I have these mini eyelash curlers. They are super handy for travel. They dont from end to end becoz of the design , unlike the metal ones, but chalta hain. we can curl in 2 shots. I love it carry in my travel makeup kit

  2. Thanks Nafisa… Wanted to ask u or any other gals uwho can answer – Do these curlers have any side-effects like plucking out the lashes, etc. or maybe can an incorrect way of using them result in that? I have never used a curler so was curious

  3. With these mini curlers, there’s no such issue. But i have that cheap metal curlers can sometimes cut lashes. To be on the safe side, always use on bare lashes avoid using them on lashes applied with mascara. Also, if you want to get a metal curler, it would be advisable to invest in a good brand 🙂


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