Basics: Blush Guide For Every Face Shape


Basics: Blush Guide For Every Face Shape


Hi Beauty geeks, as promised I am continuing my Basics series and this time I am here with your blush guide :-). This is one element which most of the people get wrong. So the bottom of the line that all of us know is we should suck our cheeks in before applying the blush, rather than smiling unless you’re pro at it And the second thing is choose a color that helps your skin glow, if you’re a newbie then go for a color that looks like you’re naturally blushing when you apply on your cheeks.

So lets get started with the shape guide.


blush guide


Square Face

If you have a square face then you need not get disappointed, get an inspiration from Kareena Kapoor and look glamorous. To soften those angles of your face apply a brighter color at the apples of your cheeks first and then blend it up towards your temples. This will give your face a little lift. And then to add some roundness to your face contour your cheekbones in a sharp and elongated manner, to make it simple I’d say blend your contouring powder under your cheek bones in a way so that it creates a slant line. For more contouring help I’ll do a post very soon :-*

Heart Shape

For people those who have a Heart Shaped Face you need to concentrate on softening the chin a bit. To soften your chin apply the blush a little lower on the apple of your cheeks itself. And instead of contouring use a highlighter along the jawline so that your chin doesn’t get all the attention. This will balance your face to a great extent. And lastly get inspired from Kourtney Kardashian

Round Face

I know a lot of you were waiting for this shape to come 😛 so guys what we need to do is make our face appear slimmer from the sides and a little bit elongated so that it looks more oval. To do so apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks but keep a safe distance from your nose and eyes 😛 otherwise you’ll look more rounder and dipped in blush 😀 And the basic contouring applies here, you just need to contour your under cheek bones keeping it really close to the ear side, this will cut down your face from the area where all that roundness comes from and your face will look more balanced 😛

Long Face

Blush is a great way of breaking up a long face, like we do with bangs. You need to make your face appear a little wider on the cheek area, so the right blush guide would be that you should apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks and extend it horizontally towards the ear to give it that widened effect 😉 Contour the top of your forehead and the bottom of your chin.

P.S- No contouring on the cheeks otherwise your face will remain looking long 😛

Oval Face

Ahan, people blessed with an Oval Face Shape you don’t need to do any extra efforts, you’re considered the most blessed people in our beauty world :-P. well but you also need to get that blush right :-/ But at the same time you need not do a lot of efforts. Just simply apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks and blend it really well.

How do you apply your blush?





  1. heart:)…..i know i have good shape so yay…it even depends on the other features not just the shape of your face you how deep your eyes are set..your hair line….the way your ears are…etc:)…great article:)

  2. I have oval face but most of the time I just use a neutral blush like gingerly and it does the job, although in the past I have def struggled with proper application, awesome post it is :))

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