Bath & Body Midnight Promegranate Triple Moisture Body Cream Review


Bath & Body Mifnight Promegranate Triple Moisture Body Cream:-

Winter is the coldest season of the year with very low temperatures. Especially in North India and in foreign countries the temperatures fall down drastically. All this looks wonderful to look at but at the same time it does bring in some adverse effects as well. One among them is, it makes our body skin dry and rough. This is the time our body requires some nourishment and a lot of treating. BBW offers a wide range of body creams in their signature collection. They do come at a cheap price when we buy them in an offer. This offer exists most of the times in a year. They have buy 2 get 1 free offer which works for us when we want to spend less and buy more. The body cream which we are going to discuss today is Midnight Pomegranate triple moisture body cream. I did buy a couple of body creams from BBW but this attracted me the most because of its look. It is appealing and the name is interesting as well. I always love the creams with fruit flavors and here I am with another one in my collection.

Midnight Pomegranate triple moisture body cream+bath and body works

About  Bath & Body Midnight Promegranate Triple Moisture Body Cream

Fortified with our exclusive triple moisture complex of conditioning milk proteins, hydrating rice bran oil and protective acai berry extract, our Signature Triple Moisture Body Cream provides deep, 24-hour moisture that softens even the driest skin. Our non-greasy formula deeply conditions, leaving skin moisturized, fragrant, and more beautiful than ever before.

Pomegranate triple moisture body cream – Signature Collection Bath & Body Works

Massage into skin, especially dry spots, and indulge your senses with our exclusive, enticing Midnight Pomegranate, a fiery fruit and spice blend that conjures an image of rubies sparkling in moonlight.

  • Price:$12.50 for 8 Oz. / 226 g
  • Availability:Bath & Body Works

My experience with Bath & Body Midnight Promegranate Triple Moisture Body Cream:-

 These days I am depending totally on the body creams to protect my skin. Midnight Pomegranate is a non-greasy cream with rich texture. It has a fruity smell of pomegranate or rather better than that. It is white in color and gets absorbed quickly on application. Even the dry skin gets restored by using this cream. I use it surely when going out for a party and yes, I do get compliments. Most of them assume it to be the aroma of a perfume and ask me “Which perfume are you using?”. No wonder they think so as it has a lovely fragrance. It does best work as a moisturizer but the scent doesn’t last long. I can still compromise on this as the cream justifies its claims of working on the dry skin. It leaves my skin silky and smooth leaving a wonderful feel. I even gifted this to a friend of mine and she is totally in love with it. It does offer a good quantity for the price we spent. So just go for it and make you skin look great this winter!

bath and body works pomegranate triple moisture

What I like about Bath & Body Midnight Promegranate Triple Moisture Body Cream

  • It nourishes the skin
  • Leaves the skin smooth
  • Perfect moisturizer for winters
  • Good quantity for the price we spend

What I dislike Bath & Body Midnight Promegranate Triple Moisture Body Cream :-

  • The scent does not last longer


Final Note:Pamper yourselves this winter by using Midnight Pomegranate body cream. Your skin is going to love it.

Have you tried Bath & Body Midnight Promegranate Triple Moisture Body Cream?

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  1. Oh God! now i want this tooo..i will check out for this in the beauty centre here.. need something really good for winters.. Thanks A! :-))


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