Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Mist Review


I love trying all kinds of perfumes as I enjoy sniffing various colognes on my body.And what best a place for perfumes than Bath & Body Works? During all my visits to US, I never fail to visit Bath & Body Works.  And when I do, I never come out for at least 2 hours. I get a whole lot of perfumes at one go as the perfume lover inside me won’t allow me to compromise. Black Raspberry Vanilla is one of my favorites among the set of perfumes I purchased in my last visit. I tested it in the shop,by spraying it on a test strip, which is when I fell in love with it.It has a heavenly raspberry fruit aroma which is addictive and this made me take 3 of them in buy 2 get 1 free offer. My husband who always complains about my long hours of shopping is very happy with this choice of mine. He loved my fragrance! Yayy! And here I am with this wonderful review.

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Price:$14for 8 oz. /237 ml bottle

Availability:Bath & Body Works

My Experience with BBW Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Mist:

The perfume looks light lavender in color and is in a transparent bottle with a cap on the top of the nozzle. Once we remove the cap, it is convenient to press the nozzle and spray it. It comes out as a liquid and when sprayed gets absorbed quickly. The fragrance drives me crazy. The raspberry smell dominates this perfume where as I could not whiff vanilla flavor much. Nevertheless, the raspberry flavor takes it all and you feel as if you are in a raspberry garden drenched in raspberry juice. The lasting power is 4-5 hours and I think that’s pretty cool.
bath and body works Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Mist+ body mist review

What I like about the BBW Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Mist:

I fell in love with this perfume completely as the smell of raspberry is totally incredible. I do feel fresh when I use this perfume and of course people around me keep saying “Your perfume smells great”. I always enjoy that compliment when I use this perfume.

What I did not like about the BBW Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Mist:

Majorly, there is nothing that I dislike about the product but I wish I could smell vanilla fragrance a bit more as I was expecting a lot given the name ‘Black Raspberry Vanilla’.


Final Note:The product is totally worth it. I would surely recommend this product to anyone who loves raspberry fruit smell. I did finish two bottles and I am in for the third one.

Have you tried the Black Raspberry Vanilla Body mist?

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  1. I lurrve raspberry n berry fragrances in general! :heart: But this packaging is so unlike bath&body works :-/. I’d expect atleast a few images of raspberries 😛 Nice review Lavanya 🙂

  2. oh…this review is making me crave for more BBW…i am on my last bottle of BBW mists and waiting to back to the US…and i totally identify with what u said…i haul mists too 🙂 more than the lotions/shower gels…they are the absolute bestest!!!

  3. Hi Anamika….. Great review…. BBW is absolutely awesome… I prefer shopping BBW in online as they are cheaper i get up 30% off even after buy 3 get 2… i love their shower gels and lotions…. havent tried any body mists , but recently visited BBW the body mist are awesome, in a away it keeps the fragrance longer then shower gels… 🙂 Sweets on Paris is my latest love in BBW shower gels… do try it if u get a chance…. and my ever fav is twilight woods.. i wish u give reviews on this both…
    I would really miss BBW in India… i wish they open one in INDIA soon….


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