Bath & Body Works Pleasures Moonlight Path Volumizing Shampoo Review


Bath & Body Works Pleasures Moonlight Path Volumizing Shampoo Review

Bath-Body-shampoo-reviews+Bath & Body Works Pleasures Moonlight Path Volumizing Shampoo Reviews

 I get bored of using just one shampoo all the time and so my bathroom shelf is always filled with at least 8-10 brands of different shampoos at a time. I usually don’t bother if it’s a well-known or a lesser known brand and mostly my selection criteria is based on how the shampoo bottle looks and how the shampoo smells. My brother, on the contrary, is very selective and will more often than not settle only for high-end, well-known or expensive brands. Bath & Body Works Pleasures Moonlight Path Volumizing Shampoo was actually something that my brother bought for himself and I ended up trying it even before he did.

  • Price: I don’t remember exactly but it was approx. Rs 500 / Rs 600

Close-ups of the descriptor and ingredient list of the shampoo bottle:

Bath-and-body-product-reviews-works-pleasures shampoo ingredients

 Bath-and-body-shampoos reviews+Shampoo reviews+Shampoo for oily scalp

 My experience with Bath & Body Shampoo 

I would start with saying that it smells awesome and that’s what pushed me to try it in the first place. It does smell like a bouquet of lavender and roses (I don’t know how violets smell) and the smell is so pleasant that even people who don’t prefer their products to have any sort of specific smells will love it unless they hate the smell of lavender. Bath & Body Works, as most of us know, is a recognized brand in US and that’s also another point that fascinated me to try it out. I checked their website where the shampoo looks like a dark purple transparent liquid but in reality it is a very light purple transparent liquid which in fact appears almost colourless. Many may not like transparent shampoos but personally I prefer such products because to me it indicates lesser chemicals / milder chemicals on my scalp.

Swatch of the shampoo (Check the colour of the liquid in the bottle):

Bath and body works pleasure moonlight shampoo reviews

It comes with a flip-flop lid which is quite sturdy and secure. What I like is that the lid also has an option to be unscrewed so that every possible drop of shampoo in the bottle can be used when it’s on the verge of getting over. Often in even the most expensive shampoo brands, I have seen that a flip-flop lid either breaks or doesn’t close properly but in this case, it’s just perfect.

Close-up of the flip-flop lid of the shampoo bottle:


I have waist-length hair and I require a little more than coin-size or say maybe 3 ml of this shampoo per wash. It lathers very well and cleans well too. It’s effective in removing oil from our hair as well but the number of washes required is more than one depending on the amount of oil one has put. As far as hairfall is concerned, I didn’t experience any extra hairfall but it didn’t eliminate or stop hairfall, i.e. I do experience a certain amount of hairfall with every wash irrespective of the shampoo I use and that continued in this case too. I always test every new shampoo that I use to see whether it requires to be followed up with a conditioner or not. Well, this one did. Not that it completely stripped my hair of moisture but my hair felt a little dry though they were still manageable. The second time I washed my hair with this shampoo, I followed up with a conditioner and they felt just fine. Lastly, did it give any extra volume to my hair? Well, my hair is fairly dense in any case so didn’t really experience any extra volume. Therefore, can’t be sure if it’s going to do any wonders on limp hair.

 Overall, I would say that this isn’t a bad shampoo if one doesn’t mind the price. And if you are as crazy as me to select shampoos on basis of how they smell, then in any case you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from picking this up

Quick pointers on Bath & Body Works Pleasures Moonlight Path Volumizing Shampoo:

Smell Amazing. Pleasant but not overpowering. Smells like a bouquet of lavender and roses
Colour Very light purple that appears almost colourless
Packaging Good. Sturdy
Product performance Reasonable amount required to lather and cleanse well
Adds volume? Didn’t experience any extra bounce or volume
Imparts shine? No. Nothing noticeable
Does it dry? Yes but not extensively. Can be managed by following up with a good conditioner
Causes extra hairfall? No. Don’t think so
Stops usual hairfall? No

Overall rating: 3/5

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  1. very nice review Forum .I buy most of my shampoos after sniffing them and now this one is going to be in my list for sure :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:

  2. Hey Forum…. I never knew B&B had shampoos!!! 😯 :pain: Damn me!!
    The smell must be heavenly na… their shop itself smells like women paradise 😀 😀
    Nice review :-))

  3. They don’t test their products on animal which makes me like them even more :-)) and even I have waist length hair and I end up using too much of every shampoo, will try this for sure, forum 😀

  4. nice one forum…wot kinda hair do u have??

    Ive heard so much bout BBW but ive never used ay of their stuff…wot wud u recco fr starters?

    • Hey Zara, how are u gal :lashes:
      I would say I have normal hair, kinda straight and manageable… they usually don’t feel frizzy unless I have used a bad shampoo or washed them too many times at one go… often they can be managed well without a conditioner too. If u have manageable hair, u can surely go for this ‘coz it’s not a bad shampoo at all but if u have very frizzy hair and looking for something to tame it, then u can skip this.
      I have only tried this particular shampoo from BBW so can’t comment much but I know their creams are very nice so if u wish to try out BBW creams, u can try them out… I don’t think u’ll go very wrong with any of their creams

      • hair is the crazy sort..i uess i shud try too many stunts for now…but id luv to try their creams like u suggest…hope i get access to them soon 🙂

  5. I am diehard fan for B&BW products…my HG from BBW are lipgloss…moisturers..body scrubs…lotions..not tried shampoo though!! i wl pick them in my next trip!!

    • Hey Dhanu, could u suggest me a nice non-abrasive face scrub from BBW if u know… I would love to try it… Btw, Pleasures have many different types of shampoos. Do check them out

  6. Hey Forum, they donot hv face scrubs, as far as i know…(will check with the SA next time i visit the shop) but body scrubs in aromatherapy are great. but they do have good cleansers….especially for acne prone. I think i once used wexler’s acne exfoliating cleansor..which is mild and good. Try this if you have can get. Aromatherapy and body lotions are great..i go mad at their divinely fragrances.

  7. I don’t really buy body scrubs… use ubtan or scrubs thta are too abrasive on my face for body… I’ll try Wexler … and I agree their products smell damn good

  8. Nice review Forum. I love this brand…esp their body mists. N yeah…i too am a sucker for good smellin n well-packaged shampoos 😀

  9. hehehe… bisleri bottle :rotfl: must be looking so in the pics… i agree it’s not really suave or anything but the plastic and the cap and all tht’s of very good quality… quite study 🙂


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