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Bath salts takes one into the world of total comfort and relaxation.Bath salts provides luxurious experience and one can transform one mind body and soul with it.

How is bath salt different from common salt ?

5 benefits of bath salts

A grain of bath salt carries many minerals which are beneficial to the skin.Bath salts are harvested and sold in their raw form and it can be processed easily.One should choose salts which are of good quality, brand and texture.

The natural color of a grain of bath salt can vary, depending on the origin of the salt. A bath salt from the Himalayas is generally pinkish or even reddish in tone, whereas a bath salt from the Dead Sea is pure white or clear.

A high quality bath salts promotes healthy and youthful skin .It purge impurities and impartsร‚ย  glow to the skin. As sea salt is packed with minerals and nutrients and when it is transferred into a tub it deliverers amazing benefits.Bath salts has powerful antioxidant properties and is believed to lower blood pressure and helps in treating conditions such as arthritis and muscles soreness.

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