Bausch and Lomb Natural Look Color Lenses Review (Blue)


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Hi beauties πŸ™‚

Today IÒ€ℒd be reviewing another pair of colored lenses I have from Bausch and Lomb.You can read the previous review of Brown lenses here. These were the second pair of lenses I purchased from Bausch and Lomb, from their Natural Look Color range. These are natural blue colored lenses, which is not a striking blue, and will definitely suit fair complexion beauties πŸ˜‰

contact lenses


Lets see how Ò€œPacificÒ€ looks like:-

Bausch and Lomb Natural Look Color Lenses Review (PACIFIC) review

This lens has blue pixels scattered all over with grey colored pixels ring on the outer area.


Lens Wearing Tips:-


Inserting and removing your lenses is a snap. After only a few tries, youÒ€ℒll be a pro. Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Always wash your hands with a mild soap and fry with a lint-free towel before handling your lenses.
  • Clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses each time you remove them.
  • Always handle the same lens first to avoid mixing up the right and left lenses.
  • Remember to handle your lenses gently.


Bausch and Lomb Natural Look Color Lenses Reviews (PACIFIC)

 Inserting the lens into your eyes


  • Rinse your lenses in a multi-purpose such as ReNu MultiPlus Multi-Purpose solution before you put them on.
  • Put one of the lenses on the tip of the index finger of the hand you write with. Be sure the lens is right-side-out (the edges should turn up, not out).
  • Look straight ahead. Pull down your lower eyelid with the middle finger of the same hand.
  • Pull the top lid up with the index finger of the other hand and look up.
  • Gently place the lens on the lower white of the eye.
  • Remove your index finger and release your eyelid.
  • Look down, and close your eyes for a moment. The lens will center itself.
  • Repeat for the other lens.


Removing the lens from the eye


  • Look up and pull the lower lid down with the middle finger of the hand you write with.
  • Place your index finger on the lower edge of your lens, and slide the lens down to the white of your eye.
  • Squeeze the lens lightly between your index finger and thumb and remove gently.
  • Repeat for the other eye.
  • If the edges of your lens stick together, place a few drops of saline or multi-purpose solution on the lens and rub gently until the edges separate.

This is how it looks on me :-

Bausch and Lomb Natural Look Color Lenses on  dark eyes


  • Suggestions:– This will suit fair complexion girls the best, and from far nobody is able to make out it as Ò€œstrikingÒ€ blue color, will definitely suit most girls, but I donÒ€ℒt think would suit dark complexion beauties, if they want to try colored lenses, then should go for INDIA (brown color lenses).
  • Price: 700/- (After negotiation πŸ˜› )


    • yaa they make u look different and sexy !!! i asked B&L here and they refused to give me at this did u bargained yaa :duh:

  1. lovely eyes…
    Hi.. I am new on wiseshe and i love ur blog ..
    U people do a commendable job! I dont get proper sleep if sumday I miss reading ur blog.. Awesome it is.. <3
    I would lyk to know which eye liner have u used.. Very pretty.


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