Bausch and Lomb Natural look Color Lenses Review


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Hi beauties 🙂
Many of you asked me to review my lenses after seeing them in my makeup tut’s, so here I am finally reviewing them 🙂 basically I have Bausch and Lomb lenses, and it needs no introduction. It is the leading brand when it comes to lenses. I tried colored lenses from them, and before getting them, my mind wasn’t preoccupied with any particular shades, except for the fact I wanted them to be able to wear them any time and for any occasion. Therefore, I got basic natural Brown colored lenses from Bausch and lomb, these one are from their “Natural Look Colors” range, and this range has all natural shades one needs.
Natural Look colours are the latest in coloured contact lenses from Bausch + Lomb, these quarterly coloured soft contact lenses come in seven fabulous colours that speak more than words.

Bausch and Lomb Natural look Color Lenses Review:-

The lenses I got are “India”, which are natural brown colored lenses. I have jet black eyes, so these lenses often give various shades in different lights. The base for lenses, my eyes being black, caters to mainly two shades i.e they sometimes look green-grey, and sometimes they look totally grey colored.


First lets see what are the features of this range from Bausch and Lomb:-


  • High water content & oxygen permeability for added comfort.
  • Made of the finest polymer for an ultra-thin design and ease of handling.
  • Keeps your eyes fresh, cool and comfortable all through the day.


Who should wear lenses?

  • Great for people who need vision correction – or those who have 20/20 vision.
  • People who like to change up their personal style.
  • People who like to turn heads.
  • People who want a change from their regular contact lenses and have some fun with color.
  • People who want to see 20/20 or better with a beautiful, comfortable contact lens.
  • People who already see 20/20 and just want to change their look – a great excuse for a new outfit, makeup and accessories.

Wear Schedule ?

  • Can be worn comfortably for 12 hours on a daily wear basis.
  • Each pair can be used upto 90 times.


My description of the lens:-


The lens has brown-green colored pixels on outer ring, and on the inner side it has orange-brown colored pixels with the same brown-green colored pixels scattered.

My experience:-

  • Personally, I have a mix experience with these lenses, as these were my first lenses and that too colored.
  • As a beginner, I made mistakes while wearing them, which used to cause redness and it used to irritate, just because I didn’t either clean them or didn’t stick them properly.
  • I used to feel that oomph factor once I got used to them 😉 and being a total natural color, they never looked odd.
  • I wear them for day time, or night time, and they don’t look peculiar.

Bausch and Lomb Natural look Color Lenses Review+Natural brown lenses

When you buy lenses, its obvious to buy lenses solution too.


natural brown contact lenses India

The images are all in natural light from different angles, so that you can get an idea how the lenses look.

Price:- I got it for Rs.700/- after some bargain.

How to wear lenses:-

  • While buying lenses, don’t buy a color which won’t suit your complexion or you think you won’t be able to carry with confidence.
  • Before using lenses, wash your hands properly and either let them air dry or pat dry them using a tissue. Your nails should obviously be neatly cut, to prevent cutting the lenses.
  • Sanitize your hands after washing, then open your lenses container, pour some 3-4 drops of lenses solution in the center of your palm, and pick one lens from the container using only the tip of your finger, don’t poke and pick them :nono:
  • Then rub the lens in the solution you have in the palm for good 20-25 seconds, and make sure in no way your nails bash the lenses.
  • After done with washing of lenses, move the lens onto the dry part of your hand, and then pick it on the tip of your finger (as in above image) and then bring it close to the center of your eyes, placing it firmly. The lens will stick itself to the center of the eye.
  • Remember, as a beginner, your eyes are not used to lenses, and therefore while bringing the finger (with lens on) close to eyes, the eyes might wink a lot 😀 not to worry, tell yourself its your own finger and you won’t poke and hurt yourself. 😀
  • By Taking good care of lenses you can use them upto max 2yrs. Also, so always clean and re-fill the lenses with solution each and every time you wear them, and also keep changing the solution every day or every alternate day when not wearing them.

Hope you guys had a nice time reading the post 😉

Godbless 🙂

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  1. voiiiieeeee they look pretty on your hands too 😛 …i want green and grey lenses…i am going to try them for suree :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:

  2. I’ve always wanted to try these lenses but could never have the guts…….as i have a feeling they wud irritate my eyes 🙁 And also putting these on is so scary lol

    • hahaha yes misha, the first time opthalmologist put the lenses in my eyes i was so scared that he’d blind me :sweat: but the lens sticks itself firmly that you don’t even feel it,,, :blush: it will only irritate the eyes if not placed properly or if its not clean :cute:

      • i wear my regular lenses but when i miss wearing them for long the again i have go to the process of irritation and all..may be it is because of my sensitive eyes.

        • o yes ana,, even i don’t wear these regularly, and when i do for the tut’s my eyes get watery and it slightly bothers :wilt: infact most of the pix aftr wearing are watery cz i click them immediately :giggle:

              • same here…and coz of my naughty right eye it hurts like crazy…no question of getting used to…no matter which brand all lenses just automatically fall out of my right eye..hehe…its as if my eye doesnt like ti and i sspitting it out! once i was outside and it popped right out! and m so blind without it that i coulnt find it!

    • Misha..I am quite a chicken hearted creature myself..but trust only takes 2-3 days to master the art of wearing and removing lenses…do try the lenses…

  3. Finally!!! These luk so nice by themselves also..the colot is really pretty….Ups, do u get to try out diff shades until u pick the one the one u like most or can u order from the catalogue only?

    • hii zara :-* the color is really pretty, and as the name suggests would suit most of the indian complexion too 😀 and as lenses are properly packed in their carton with solution, there’s no way you can try them before you buy them :duh: and if you don’t have eyesight no. fir toh normal colored lenses immediately mil jate hain otherwise you’ have to order them your vision :makeup:

  4. i used to wear colored earlier..but then it kinda went out of fashion. plus the lenses then used to be very bright or would look too fake..i had hazel coloured lenses and they’d llok swful in pics. But these look quite nice…feel like trying them on again

  5. A colleague of mine’s was very into these, she wld wear very funny colors. She was dusky and her fav. color was violet 😛

    Just wanted to understand from you, Ups, is it easy to make out if one is wearing these? I have seen celina jaitley wear these – not only do her eyes look fake – they seem abnormally large & dilated. I’m looking for blue lenses but those that will not appear so big.

    PS: Don’t worry about the skin tone part with blue lenses, I used to have blue eyes till I was about 6-7 yrs old, then they slowly changed color. Sometimes when i see those pics, I feel like trying out how blue wld look now 😀

  6. Upasana….have you worn these lenses for 12 hours at a stretch..I had used another brand previously and my eyes used to feel dry within 2-3 hours of wearing them….these look so good..and the price is also very affordable. The brand i tried was quite expensive and didnt work for me..I need corrective lenses for cylindrical vision..

    • no Prachi, i haven’t got time to wear these for max 12.hours :giggle: although someone told me that if your eyes feel dry with lenses then either the solution is not feeding them right or they need more care, and a.c environment also causes dry eyes+ headache (while wearing lenses) :duh: i dunno how much it will help, and abi recently my frnd also ordered one pair from this range (she also has power) you’ll have to ask lenses wale bhaiya to provide you with the power vision wale lenses 😀 :cute:

  7. wow i had never tried lenses…..but they look really pretty on eyes….my frn never take care of her lenses….she sumtyms dont take them out while bathing 😀

  8. they look very nice but they look like greenish gry i thought them would look like warm brown so do they look like warmbrown with out make up because i saw them befor on my friends eyes it was you know like real warm brown


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