BB Creams – Which Is Best ?


There was a time when we used to wish for BB creams to come to India and now there are so many that it is confusing which one to choose. Maybelline was the first one to enter into the market and after a while who market entered into the bandwagon.

Being a blogger for years I have experimented with lot many BB  creams and few days back I saw someone asking for BB cream suggestions on a forum.I thought why not do a post on it and help everyone decide which BB cream is the best suited to them .

Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review

Lets start with Maybelline BB cream

Maybelline BB cream (- Maybelline has three shades in it and it suits oily skin. Maybelline  BB cream does not last for long. Problem with maybelline is that it gives a bit of a whitecaste which takes time in settling down. It gives a bit of coverage but won’t hide dark circles or blemishes but will definitely brighten up your skin tone. If you want better coverage then using a compact over it will be better.All in all its not a bad bb cream at all giving good coverage, is hydrating and is available in three shades.Can be bought from Purplle here

Revlon Photoready BB Cream (Price 550 for 30ml) – This one is quite hydrating more than what Maybelline BB cream is. Coverage is sheer and bends out nicely. But this one is more for dry skin girls because after using it my face got oilier .It doesn’t have  much of coverage and neither was it able to conceal my pores. Dry skin beauties with no open pores problem is going to like it. It will give them a healthy glow and will smoothen skin like a primer .

Ponds BB Cream (INR 125 for 18gm) –  This one is available in one shade with not much of lasting power .It stays for around 3-4 hours and shade is just too yellow.So if you have fair skin tone then its not going to suit you.Those with skin tone on the darker side may like it  but there is bit of blending problem with this one .So I am not a big fan of this .You need a moisturizer under neath it otherwise it kind of settles down on the pores.You can buy it from here

Colorbar BB Cream (Price 550 for 29gms) – Available in three shades. This one is considered to be great with those who have oily and acne prone skin.It doesn’t white caste and has SPF 20. It last for 5-6 hours and gives good coverage and conceals bit of acne marks.All in all a good product for oily skin tone and interesting thing is that company claims it has no Parabens. You can read detail review by Shweta here.Colorbar BB cream is only available on nykaa here

Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream (INR 395 for 550ml) – I initially found this cream awesome.Its hydrating, gave nice coverage and smoothes and primes skin.It’s moisturize skin and evens out the skin tone but the saddest  thing is it breaks me out .I generally don’t suffer from Acne problem but this one was an exceptional case.I dread using it now.So even if you have dry skin it might break you out so its better to avoid it.You can read Shweta’s review on this here 

Garnier BB Cream – (Price 99 for 18gms) – I didn’t like this one much.Initially there was lot of hullabaloo as it was among the first ones to enter into the Indian market but now that we have more options I realised that it isn’t great at all…It’s sheer in coverage and available in just one shade.It gives dewy finish and there is hardly any coverage and what is a BB cream without a coverage its better to use a moisturiser instead :P.If it suits you then you can buy from here 

L’Oreal Paris La Creme True Match BB Cream(Price 550 for 30ml) – Available in three shades this one gives bit of cooling feeling after application.It’s sheer and can not be build up and is quite light weight.Staying power of the product  is not that great so all in all its not a great product and meant for only perfect skin which just needs a bit of glow .You can read review by Bipasha here You can buy this from here

Misha BB Cream -This one is not available in India and was gifted to me by a friend. It gave me white caste but blended out nicely. Coverage of this is not that great and hydration is kind of OK.It didn’t break me out but I wasn’t impressed with this one  much. People with lighter skin tone may like it more.You can read my review here .

Vedic line BB Cream (Price 250) – This one makes skin oily after 3-4 hours and is low on SPF. Wont give much of coverage and its not moisturizing enough for dry skin tones. Great thing about this BB cream is that its paraben free, dermatologically tested, Mineral oil/Petroleum jelly free and Phenoxythenol free.It’s available in one shade only.All in all its not an exciting BB cream.You can read review here. and buy it from here 

Kyra Aloevera Blemish Balm BB Cream  (INR 399 for 35ml) – This one gives matte finish and is not available in India.This one is more like a thick foundation which blends out effortlessly.It doesn’t leave a white cast but its not that moisturising. Kyra BB is available only in one shade. You can read the detailed review here 

Phew! So now you can chose which one will be best suited for you 🙂

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  1. As i have 6-7 with me so i keep changing them as per my requirement…If i just need the glow i use garnier, for covrage colorbar is fine. I really liked DEBORAH but it keeps breaking me out ..Only one BB cream which suits me the best is Maybelline 8 in 1 which is yet to be launched in India.

  2. I think I can go check Deborah at the counter. what do you think ? Otherwise Colorbar dekhna padega. Maybelline toh makes me look like an oil pan.

  3. currently am using colorbar n deborah, n i liked deborah one much better, will repurchase tht 4 sure! i wanna try missha one 2, but shades matching my tones r nt available, loreal n revlon ones r pricy wont purchase those, garnier b b cream was average. didnt like ponds one, nice post

  4. 🙂 Nice one.

    I am currently using Deborah Milano And Its suits me well. Coverage wise its far better than nrmal BB creams like Garnier and Maybelline.. I am lucky it dint break me out 🙂

  5. what a co incidence anamika..i bought a new BB cream today itself from the body shop 🙂 and you gave the list on the blog, i wish i could have waited for a while to go through your list and decide which to buy :(. anyways the body shop BB cream is also good as per what they claim, now let me c the results after few days

    • We have reviewed body shop bb cream too but i am not that fond of body shop cosmetics and moreover its been like two years since they launched it so didn’t put it up in the r u finding it ? does it give enough coverage ?

  6. I’ve been wanting to do a similar post. :highfive: U’ve done a gr8 job ana :yes: Wil b helpful to many. 🙂 I personally lov the maybellibe bb stick for great oil control n i seem to b d only one who really liked ponds. 😛 The shade suited me pretty well which is odd since “radiance” shade in bb stick is a perfect match for me as well. Am hunting for a deborah counter but now am scared since it broke u out :tremble:

    • If you have oily skin then there are much better deals Nafisa And deborah you can get online as well 🙂

      by the way i was thinking of writing to you and here you are ..How are you doing ?

      Also, if you were planning to do this post then my bad i did it..i love yur detailed posts.

      • aww so sweet of u :blush: :-* Am confused bout my shade …that’s y i want to get it directly from a counter. Like for mayblline, goin by online swatches i was sure “fawn” wud suit me better n “radiance” wud look white on me. Thankfully i got it after applying both shades (n ot online) n found that fawn lookd unnatural n radiance matchd so well. It was a shocking discovery for me 😛
        btw…will mail u sometime dear. Ive been packing n unpacking constantly n findin absolutely no time :sweat:

  7. btw…i tested out 3 different BB creams from The Body Shop n came away empty-handed since they all smelled pretty awful n i hav quite a sensitive nose :sick:

  8. Such great effort Anamika… I have come across so many other blogs who give enticing titles but ultimately just give a compilation of all BB creams available along with the best description for each one of them (leaving you more confused) and here is one busy young mom who actually puts in such good effort to share her honest opinion.. it’s a very helpful post..Thanks a lot… Whenever poss., do share your opinion on various brands of other products too 🙂

  9. I am confused now….:(
    I have still not tried any of them…plz suggest me which one should I pick for d first time…I have normal dry skin & medium fair complexion..!

  10. i used maybelline one, at first it looks like white caste, but after 1 hour i am looking very dark, i had same problem with my foundation also, i tried so many foundations but every time same problem, my husband suggesting me to be natural without make up, which i really dont like, girls please help me, i tried all the shades of maybelline, fair, medium, medium-dark and dark, i am NC47. i just one to buy one good one, i spended lot of money on foundations, bb cream and cc creams, please help me

  11. Nice informative post Ana
    After using Garnier, Ponds and Maybelline stick, now Iam using Lakme CC, n i find it better than the ones I have used before. Other brands Iam yet to try coz I feel they r bit costly 🙁

  12. Great compilation A 🙂
    I have tried most of these, but the worst has to be the pond’s one it always breaks me out… I tested it in gap of three months and always saw a big acne just the day after pond’s cream use 🙁

  13. I ve used Garnier bb its just a total dud for oily skin…and i found acne causing ingredients in both ponds bb and lakme cc..i think Lacto calamine is best and safe for daily use with mild coverage.. :pits a good mattifier too..

  14. I have tried every other BB cream in the market and my favourite is Guerlain Lingerie de peau BB cream. Nothing has been able to beat it yet. It’s very expensive but trust me it is the best!

  15. I have oily skin and my skin colour is brown.kinda yellowish which bb cream is best for me..and i have acne little bit..


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