Bblunt Dry Shampoo & The Real Truth


Bblunt Dry Shampoo & The Real Truth

Hello Everyone,

So, I hope you checked out my Bblunt Hair Care Haul which I shared last month during December. Well, all of the products came really handy when I was on my trip to Banaras/ Varanasi.

Bblunt Hair Care Product Haul India

Off late Dry shampoo has taken over the Indian beauty world like a storm and to add to that, North India has winters which are really freezing and a woman can hardly think of washing hair on a regular basis in the chilly climate during the peak season! Bblunt has aggressively promoted themselves in India and everywhere and I have seen people using dry shampoo and they have raved about these dry shampoo so I too felt motivated to jump on the bandwagon and try a mini dry shampoo and other products for hair.

bblunt dry shampoo review india

About Bblunt Dry Shampoo

Instant freshness is now a spray away. BBlunt Back to Life Dry Shampoo does a smooth job of absorbing excess grease & grime and revamps your hair in seconds.

Price: INR 550 for 125ml & INR 250 for 30ml.

My Experience with Bblunt Dry Shampoo

The product comes really handy and solves major hair woes like static bad hair days can be reversed to good hair days! 🙂

bblunt hair spray india reviews

Well, when I bought all of these products, I too was of the same thought that it can be really helpful during short trips when you cannot struggle with hair wash each day or styling them because of lack of time! And yes, I admit it did help a lot in styling my hair without even worrying about a hair wash!

bblunt dry shampoo before and after

I used it on my recent Varanasi trip and they are really very travel friendly. It worked well for my hair and it didn’t bother me to wash my hair but yes I have no plans to stick with this product as this is certainly not a product which you cannot live without!

dry shampoo side effects

Final Thoughts

There may be some really convincing reviews you might come across about dry shampoo which make you feel inclined towards trying these dry shampoos during col climate but before you completely stick to using dry shampoo let me bring forth some of the most common side effects of using Dry Shampoo and thereafter you can easily makeup your mind about it!

  • Itching and irritation on the scalp is a common concern due to the powder ingredient of these dry shampoos which absorb excess oil and leave your hair fresh and full of bounce!
  • Dry shampoo usage can lead to a lot of product building on the scalp and you may experience itching and you will even find it extremely difficult to get rid of all the dry shampoo when you finally wash your hair! These things may lead to clogging your hair follicles which is certainly not good for the healthy hair altogether!
  • Dry shampoo absorbs the excess oil from the scalp which gives and instant boost to flat looking hair but over use of dry shampoo can surely lead to over absorption of the essential sebum on the scalp which is necessary to keep your mane tamed and nourished!

Hope you find my experience with dry shampoo useful and will continue with your wish to go ahead with a regular usage of dry shampoo or keep it strictly for only emergency timings! 🙂

Have you tried Bblunt Dry Shampoo yet?

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  1. Hi Pradnyaa!

    Whats up ? Good to see you here babe..

    Guess what ! Yesterday I noticed dandruff too and I was wondering what could be the reason because I don’t suffer from it..So now I now the reason 😛

  2. It suits me well but obviously overuse will be bad. I use it only when absolutely necessary that is may be 6 times a year 😛

    • True! once in a while its okay but using them continuously is bad but it totally depends how the scalp fair after using these..might work on some and might irritate some.

  3. hi ana ….irrespective of how the product fared, (pardon me for that) i cant stop wowing about your hair! have u got them layered or curled them? they look amahhhzing!! love love love them…unwashed / unbrushed…but fabulous! pl let me know the products that helped you achieve this look. :))

    • :D:D Thanks Pia..I got them layered recently and then made a bun after washing them..Didn’t brush them..Next day got these 🙂 and ya! Bblunt hair polish gave the shine.:)

  4. Very well written :yes: I gave in to the hype n bought it too 😀 But now I’ll make sure I’l save it for d rarest emergencies 🙂


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