BBLunt Spot Light Hair Polish Review


BBLunt Spot Light Hair Polish Review

Hi beautiful ladies,

How have the summery days of May treating you all? Well to speak about Jaipur, the scorching heat is really harsh and looks like we need an early monsoon for the rescue.

Well when I talk about summers, it is not just the tan that scares us but the hot temperatures also take a toll on your hair and makes it appear dull and lifeless.

As most of you must already be aware that I have thick, dry hair easily prone to damage and I am somebody who on most occasions resort to natural hair care ways rather than digging into a lot of commercial hair care products.

Few days back I shared with you all the April Envy Box which also included BBLunt Spot Light Hair Polish. This was the first time where I will be using a hair shinier and I was really anxious about its effects.

bblunt mini spotlight hair polish for instant shine

To know how this product fared, continue reading.

About BBLunt Spot Light Hair Polish

This lightweight formula gives even the dullest hair a glossy, smooth finish. It’s about maximum shine with minimum fuss.

  • Ingredients: Provitamin B5, Vitamin E and Silk proteins
  • Specially created for Indian hair
  • Protects from the environment and heat styling damage



Provitamin B5: It has good moisturizing & softening properties. It also helps reducing split ends.

Vitamin E: Help to stimulates hair growth, Prevents pre-mature greying of hair, Repairs split ends and gives Lustrous hair.

Silk proteins: Useful for its excellent moisture binding properties, repair and feel. It adds lustres, body, and manageability to hair

Directions For Use: Use on dry hair. Shake well before use. Hold can six inches away and spray a light mist evenly around the hair, focusing on mid-length and ends.

Net Wt: 150 ml

Price: INR 535

Packaging: The BBLunt Spot Light Hair Polish comes in a blue colored tin bottle and has a spray nozzle to spray out the product as needed. There is also a translucent plastic cap provided to secure the nozzle. The cap does not shut firmly and is rarely of any use, till the time you keep the bottle upright. The packaging is not something that I would love to rave about and find it a bit bulky; however, a smaller variant of this will help in this case.

bblunt spotlight hair polish for instant shine

  • Texture: It is a transparent liquid and is very light weight. A little product is good to go and does not weight hair down.

My Experience:

As mentioned earlier, this was the first time I was using a hair shiner and absolutely had no idea about how this will work.

So, instead of experimenting I used exactly as directed by the brand. I used on my dry hair and yeaaah it did work. It really does add shine to hair and also makes hair feel a bit softer than before.

If you are under an illusion that this product will make your hair dazzle or give a mirror shine, then let me be very clear that this hair shinier is not going to do any of this.

All it does is to simply add some minute shine to hair, tame a bit of frizz and make your hair feel softer. This product will certainly work better on thin hair, but for extremely dry and thick hair, there is not much that this product can do.

Overall, this is an average hair shinier and can be used by newbies who expect minute shine.

bblunt spotlight hair polish for instant shine swatch


What I Like About BBLunt Spot Light Hair Polish?

  • No foul smell.
  • Does not weigh hair down.
  • Also helps in managing mild frizz.
  • Makes hair a bit softer.

What I Don’t Like About BBLunt Spot Light Hair Polish?

  • No extra ordinary shine.
  • May not work on very dry and thick hair.

Rating: 3/5

Will I Recommend: If you are into extreme hair styling and want much of shine, then you can give this a pass; however if a mild shine is your desire then you can certainly try this out.


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