Beautiful Eye Shadows For Brown Eyes


5 Beautiful eye shadows for Brown eyes

I am envious of people having different eye colors, I have black and I know I am common. Being born with a different eye color seems to be a special blessing from God. Not that I do not have any such special features but eyes definitely define your appearance as per me.

It is very important for the eye makeup to suit the eye and keep its charm. Eye shadows are to be chosen wisely and most importantly the color should be compatible to your eyes. Let me list down a few brands and colors that would suit if you have brown eyes.


L'Oreal Paris Color Infallible EYESHADOW Eternal Black 014 Review Eye Swatch+eye make up

Black is a universal color that suits someone with black eyes as well as brown. The color does not demarcate between people. A smoky eye makeup will suit brown-eyed people and gives a rocking look.

Brands Available Any brand would have a black color available. To name a few  Maybelline, Lakme, MAC



Since it is your eye color, one needs to be careful while using brown color. The eyes need to be defined and the eye shadow needs to be controlled in color to let the eyes not lose their prominence. You would need a lot of support from your kohl and eye liner to help define your eyes properly.

Brands Available MAC Ore, MAC Espresso, MAC Carbon matte



This is another trending color these days. It suits brown eyes pretty well as it brings out the eyes prominently and makes them look big and blonde. Eyes speak volumes seems to be true when you see someone with brown eyes wearing a green makeup. One should, however, be mindful of the amount of green to be used or a mix of olive and lime green to be used.

Brands Available MAC Humid, MAC Sumptuous Olive,



Gold is an all-time favorite and suits almost all eye colors. With the festive season doing the rounds, we find gold color being everywhere around females. It is the characteristic of gold to be with women, it seems. Gold eye shadow is another old time favorite with women. People use this color with all kind of outfits. Specific to brown eyes, this color has value-adding capacity equal to millions. The beauty of the eyes is enhanced when this color comes into appearance.

Brands Available MAC Gold mine, MAC Gorgeous Gold, Colorbar Gorgeous Gold



There are a lot of shades in pink that suit brown eyes and add prominence to them. Pink in light and dark shades with pearly and shiny finish suit brown eyes are definitely a must buy. Pinks are mostly what we women need thanks to Indian traditions and festivals. With the festive season already on, I believe one of these is a must at least in the vanity.

Brands Available MAC Expensive Pink, MAC Plum dressing, L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Forever Pink



Blue is another versatile color that would go with any eye color. It will definitely lend prominence to your brown eyes. The color tones of midnight blue or turquoise will suit any kind of attire western or Indian, and will look good on any eye color.

Brands Available – Coastal Scents Midnight Blue, L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow Midnight Blue,


Bronze eyeshadow for India brid

Both bronze and copper are definite festive color that suit brown eyes.

Brands Available Colorbar Copper Crush, Maybelline Diamond Glow in Copper Brown,

Have you tried any of these eye shadows for brown eyes?

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