Beautiful Henna Designs For Muslim Brides


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Summer-spring wedding season is around the corner and in India, wedding is just like a festival πŸ˜› Loads of rituals, fun-filled moments, romantic musical nights and yes! A variety of mouth watering dishes! But how can we forget the ‘Mehandi-Night’. Henna design or Mehandi is one of the most crucial part of the Indian wedding. Being a Muslim girl, I have seen loads of beautiful henna design in marriage ceremonies aka Nikah. So, today I am here to share with you some beautiful henna designs which are perfect for Muslim Brides. Scroll down!!

Floral Design-


Floral Detailing symbolises the beauty of a woman in the best of ways. It is one of the most opted patterns of henna in Muslim weddings. I have seen a lot of muslim celebs have chosen this stunning pattern of henna on their D-days. The dark maroon colour of henna with a subtle amount of stones on your hands will enhance the beauty of a bride like no other.


The Royal Touch-


Want to look and feel like a ‘Queen’ on your wedding day? then go for this ‘Rajwada’ style Mehandi design which has a beautiful  blend of Rajasthani and Hyderabadi henna style pattern. You get the Mehendi even on your hands, just not your palms. They are filled with bright and loud designs. It ‘ll definitely ooze your overall appearance and no one can off their eyes from you! πŸ™‚




Colourful Detailing


If you are someone who dares to experiment with a henna design and yet in the safest way then go for fun-filled colours on your regular henna design. When I got a chance to explore Bhopal in my college days, I have seen a lot of people applying red henna with the black outline which looked a million bucks and since then I have seen tonnes of beautiful color-filled designs. You can ask you the Mehandi artist to make your colourful design of henna as per your overall look for your D-day.


Metallic Hues


‘Metallics’ are the new makeup and fashion dare. Be it lipsticks, nail arts or even outfits metallic hues are ruling everywhere. These are just not at all tradition henna that gives colour after some time of application. It’s more like a ‘Temporary tattoo’ design that you can match with your wedding makeup and outfit. Pakistani celebs like Sanam Baloch, Ayesha Omar, Sara Behroze just swears by this metallic henna patterns.


O for Ombre


Lovely! Isn’t it? Ombre Mehandi design is nothing but the Revamp version of your regular henna. It is not about the pattern but the colour of the Henna. You can get your henna design done with a variety of ombre colours that instantly brightens up your henna designs. If you want to do it by yourself then go for ‘Clove smoke’ where you want to intensify the colour of your henna and voila! you’ll have your very own ‘Ombre’ Mehandi design.

The Classic One


The classic Mehendi is for those who are all traditional and want to be on their D-day like they have seen their elders. Basically, it is a beautiful blend of the regular designs like leaves, Motifs, Peacock design are still, one of the top designs for Muslim wedding ceremonies. The classic mehndi design is always beautiful and looks amazingly gorgeous on anybody and everybody.


Multi designs


The modern bride demands everything modern even in their Mehendi. Here comes the multi-design. Although, this pattern of henna is already popular among all kind of wedding ceremony and one of the most rated designs of all the time.

Recently, one of my friends got married and she opted this multi design which has filled beautiful and deep designs of flowers, arc patterns, zigzag styling and she looked like a million bucks on her D-day.



Adorable Arabic design



Arabic henna design is one art Muslim brides absolutely adore applying. Well, this particular style is for all occasions, be it weddings, festivals or even normal days ~ Henna is always on our ‘I want’ list! There’s something about this ‘intricate tattoo-inspired art’ which gets to you and you want to keep applying it again and again. If you want simple and easy going pattern on your D-day then nothing can be better than this for you:)



The jewelled pattern


This henna design is life for the brides who prefer minimal jewellery on their hands and feet. In this design, you can work with glitters, stones and even cute little sparkling beads to give your henna the beautiful jewelled touch. I am a total minimal jewellery person and I ‘ll opt for this beautiful style of henna for my wedding for sure! πŸ˜€



So that’s all folks! In Muslim weddings, the Mehandi ceremony is surely one of the most special days in which Muslim brides get to wear a beautiful Mehendi design like the ones shown above that adds charm to their personality. Mehendi and Indian culture have this sort of an interconnection which is unbreakable and I am sure nothing modern can replace this traditional art anytime soon!


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