Beautiful Makeup Tables To Checkout


By Stuti Khurana

Beautiful Makeup Tables To Checkout

Hey there Ladies! I am sure we all love to dress up & look pretty in front of the mirror for hours. It makes a regular day more fun. There is something uniquely personal about this space & each one of us tries to make it look beautiful. It’s all about choosing elements that make you feel good. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you please.

You can either go for a minimalist look or accessorize it as per your style. If you love vintage or retro, then there are beautiful and exquisite tables with decorations. In case of lack of space, you can anytime choose transformable dressing tables or multi-functional ones which can fulfill the functions of a desk or a side table at the same time. We take a look at different ideas for vanity tables which you can use to create gorgeous vanity spaces in your room.

Compact Vanity Table

compact vanity table

Since many of us reside in flats or apartments, you can go with the compact vanity tables which do not take up much space & provide a very feminine look to your room. You can keep some stuff inside the drawers & some on top of the table. You can decorate the top with fancy brush holders, comb stands & a decorated mirror.

Vanity Table With Ample Storage

vanity table

If you have a spacious room for putting up your vanity table & a lot of products, then go for one with ample storage. This way you can store all of them in separate compartments which would keep them neat & tidy rather than cluttering them up in a big single storage area.

Vanity Table With Separate Storage

drawer for makeup

For an extremely organized look, you can place the storage area on the side of your mirror. This way you can easily access your makeup products from one side & use them in front of the mirror. This will also help you in saving time especially when you are in a rush.

Vanity with Pull-Out Drawers

makeup storage

You can choose a vanity table with sliding pull out drawers as well. These are very convenient to use & different compartments can be used to store various items.

Mounted Vanity Table

mounted makeup table

You can also go for a mounted vanity table wherein you can mount another shelf on top of the base shelf. This will pep up your room & you can even put on small lamps on the sides of the mounted area to make it look pretty & appealing.


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