Beautiful Rose Leather Bag & Shopping Experience


My Brandmile Shopping

We woman can never have enough of hand bags , cosmetics, shoes, Jewellery .Ok! Lets not take make this list so long  that I might end having two posts on the same topic 😛

Lately I have caught myself buying more and more bags because I like to pair different bags for different outfits.From different material to different sizes, styles etc we have lot of things to consider while choosing a bag and this make us buy many many more handbags.

I was looking for a small rose bag  which I can use to stuff in some money and mobile and while browsing Brandmile I found this and immediately bought it.

Brandmile pink bag

 How can online shopping be just of one product.? I added a floral Bracelet and leaf patterned cushion cover set of 2 also.

brandmile shopping experience

 Brandmile comes up   with some fantastic deals and they have wide variety of products available on their site which include  bags, clothes, perfumes, multi brand electronics , jewellery etc.Everyday they have new offer with discount of more than 20%-30% which are quite tempting.

Site is basically a mediator which updates the product which are sent by the company when consumer place the order.As they don’t have the product with them  the time when customer ask them for the product customer ends up waiting for long time to get the product delivered to the home.

I received the product after placing them after one and half month that too after reminding them twice.As far as their customer support is concerned they are quick in replying which is quite a relief for a customer who is waiting for their offer since a month.Both the time I was being told that they have not recieved the product from the seller.I wonder if the seller doesn’t have the products with them then why do they offer it to the customer?

Brandmile bag pink

 Anyway, I did receive all the three products in good condition and quality is indeed very good.I like my small chotu bag which has ample space for my mobile and I like its long pink leather belt which has gold chain around it.

It’s a small bag and comes easily in my palms.Leather of the bag is really soft and cost of the bag is Rs 800.

Brandmile bag pink small bag

All in all I won’t prefer shopping with the site again until and unless there offer is really tempting and I can wait for my product for a long time.

It’s good to see all online shopping sites flourishing in India and sending us the product with in a week so waiting for this long does undermine the value of the website.

Have you shopped from Branmile before? How was you experience?


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  1. Such a girly girly color na….. so cute!! Btw it doesnt look too small in the pics….. I remember you said you bought this long back!! HAve you shopped from 99labels or Vogue magnet???

    • Mals i have shopped from 99 labels but not from Vogue Magnet….:)

      haan in the pics all things looks big naa…even a eyeliner pencil looks llike a size of a body lotion :D:D

  2. wow..this purse looks so cute..i’ve seen a same purse while i went for shopping..but didnt buy! now i regret..okies..i guess i would get it next time. :heh:

  3. A, this is such a cute color! And you got it at an amazing price because it looks way more expensive than 800 bucks…bt the long wait must have been excruciating na…


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