Beauty and Health Benefits of Brahmi


Beauty and Health Benefits of Brahmi

Hello Beauties!

Today we are going to learn more about Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri. It is one of the oldest natural herbs available and has amazing benefits for health, skin and hair. In short, it is a boon to the human beings and can be used for various purposes!

Brahmi is totally Indian and people all over the world know about its various benefits. I am listing the benefits here for you to engulf your knowledge with.


For hair growth

Brahmi is a herb for hair growth and hair health which we all are aware! If someone is suffering from hair loss, applying Brahmi Oil would help as it gives the necessary nourishment to the scalp. It is also good for improving the growth of the hair.

deepika hair

follicles and encouraging more and improved growth. It also helps to a great extent in treating temporary baldness.

acne free skin

For Better Skin

Brahmi is very effective in working on the improving the skin’s melanin pigment. It helps in improving your complexion. It does this by removing the toxins and renewing the cells leading to a fairer complexion and a brighter one too.

For Stress Reduction

Brahmi is a proven stress buster. It eradicates & reduces the level of cortisol hormone which causes stress. It also elevates the mood specially if you try this tea made of Brahmi and tulsi while you feel low.

brahmi for de stress

For acne

Brahmi is known to cure acne and treat acne prone skin effectively. It helps to clear the skin by making acne disappear completely with regular use.

For memory

It is known to be a good source for vitalizing memory related issues. Brahmi also helps in better concentration and focus. It has been proven to improve memory disorders.

brahmi for memory

For blood circulation

Though blood circulation is a medical problem but it directly affects beauty and hair. Brahmi helps to improve the blood circulation which ensures healthy liver, lungs and a healthy body overall. It also impacts the skin’s renewal system as it is directly linked to our metabolism as well.

For better and sound sleep

Brahmi also is said to treat and impact people with Insomnia quite effectively. It is a good solution to many such problems that are directly related to sound sleep. It gives a peace of mind to your body which helps to put it on rest and with sleep we know the kind of positive energy we get and feel the next day. 


For cholesterol, bronchial issues and asthma

It is also very effective in improving chronic situations like asthma, cholesterol, bronchial problems. It has the requisite therapeutic properties which can help you achieve a balanced lifestyle free of these problems that can actually be bad.

However, there are a few cautions I would like to bring up clearly before you begin using Brahmi

  • Do not use it if you are using Contraceptives or Birth control pills
  • If you are pregnant, you should seek advice from your doctor
  • You should not consume it beyond limits. It is discretely advised to be dangerous beyond 2 tsp at a go.

Hope these uses and advantages of Brahmi are good for your overall health. Do share your comments and opinion on the post.



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