New Products To Try This Week & Sephora Delhi Haul


Few days back I visited Select City Walk Delhi and thought of visiting the Sephora there. OMG! price of the products there is horrible. I was tempted to buy the Berts bees products and Sephora products but I just didnt feel like. Reason is I do have friends who visit Singapore and U.S often and they can get all these products on discount easily for me. There is no point buying something lot more expensive here than in U.S .

I still bought a few things, that is kind of obvious  😛

Sephora India delhi haul

I got  Wella professional shampoo for colored hair and Wella brillance treatment for colored hair. This was provided by Wella. I sniffed it and it just smells awesome. I am having high expectations from these. Lets hope it turns out great and gives my hair a lot of moisture boost and strength.

Wella professionals shampoo and masque

Sephora Masque -Instant Moisture Mask:-

This Sephora Masque was sitting on the counter and was calling out to me . It’s a moisture mask which costs INR 160 .Lets see if its worth it or not.

sephora instant moisture mask review

Sephora Rouge Shine Sephora Rouge Brillance –

These costs $12 on Sephora website but here it is of INR 800.These are available in 45 shades and almost all shades were available in Sephora India.I picked up shade 13 and have used it twice.Liking it till now .

sephora rouge shine sephora rouge brillance review no 13.

Sephora false  Eyelashes:-

I was looking for Claire’s Cosmetics glam eyelashes in the mall but as I didn’t find those so got Sephora false eyelashes .These costed INR 600.

sephora fake eyelashes

You are going to see these reviews and many more in the upcoming months 🙂

Just two more days  to go for the weekend 🙂 yeyeye!

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  1. I would love to try wella this time 😀

    And About Sephora- Moisture Mask only 160 INR :O :O m I seeing rt?? I wish I could buy them :((

    Wanna see the review on Lippie <3 🙂 😉


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