Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Water


Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Water

With the increasing temperature everyone thinks to drink coconut water. We all know that it’s healthy and should be preferred over cool drinks but do you know that it also has beauty benefits as well? Hawaiians say it Noelani which means dews from the heaven. To know more about these benefits read on.

coconut milk hair care


With light consistency coconut water can be a great moisturizer for any type of skin. Oily skinned people may find it better than any other creams since it gets absorbed into the skin and prevents excess oil production. Apply this all over the body in the summers.


If you have dehydrated skin then coconut water can rescue you. It can hydrate your skin both from inside and outside. Drink it and apply it to prevent dry and dull skin.

Oxygen Supply:

Each and every cell of your skin needs oxygen for that healthy glow and this is only possible through proper blood circulation. Coconut water can effectively increase blood circulation and allow your skin breath properly.


Skin ageing is what most women fear about. Cytokinins in coconut water can slow down the ageing process of your skin and so give you youthful look.

Coconut water for Home made facial mist+face spray

Sun Tan:

Tanning is big problem and this is due to prolonged exposure to sun rays. Mix fuller’s earth powder with coconut water and use it to scrub your face to get glowing skin. This can be used regularly.

Oily Skin:

Oily skinned people should thank coconut water since it can effectively control the oil production in your skin. Apply it regularly and observe how the oiliness reduces slowly.

Acne and Blemishes:

If you have serious acne and blemishes on your face then wash your face regularly with coconut water. Mix some turmeric powder and coconut water; apply it all over face to treat your acne.

Hair Loss:

As discussed above, coconut water improves blood circulation which means the blood flows to your scalp as well and this prevents hair loss.

Dry Hair:

If you have dry and dull hair then coconut water can hydrate and moisturize it making it smooth and manageable. Just apply some coconut water to your hair and leave it at least for an hour before you rinse.


Hair Breakage:

Lauric acid in coconut water conditions hair shielding hair proteins and protecting the roots and hair strands. This way it prevents hair breakage.

Shiny Hair:

Coconut water has vitamin K and iron which are required for healthy hair. This will make your hair soft and shiny.

How To Use Coconut Water:

You can drink a glass of coconut water regularly to get all the benefits from it internally. Regular consumption can hydrate your body and skin, give you natural glow from within. If not directly, try adding it to delicious drinks and try.

For your skin you can directly dab some coconut water with a cotton ball on skin after cleansing when your skin is still damp so that it gets absorbed by the skin easily. Other than that you can also try many homemade face packs with coconut water. A simple one is mixing fuller’s earth powder and coconut water. You can also choose ingredients based on your skin and requirement. Try mixing it with fruit juice or with sandalwood powder or gram flour. Mix it with honey and apply or mix it with yogurt or milk and apply. There are many ways you can try.

For hair you can apply this water from root to tips, leave at least an hour and then rinse with water. You can also rinse your hair with it after shampoo as a conditioner. Try adding to your hair packs. Add it to hibiscus flower powder, amla powder, curry leaves powder or even henna powder. It all depends on what you choose. Anything can go with it easily.

Are you going to use coconut water?

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