Beauty Benefits of Manuka Honey


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You must have heard about Manuka Honey. If not do read this post till the last word. You would sure like to know about it and its various beauty benefits.


What is Manuka Honey?

Well Manuka Honey is made from pollination of manuka bush. It is found mostly in New Zealand and is a popular form of honey which is really recommended for health since ages. Yes! It is a traditionally used form of honey which is now coming into the limelight for its various other discovered benefits. Also it is very high in content of methylglyoxal which is an antibacterial agent. It is 100 times more in manuka honey compared to the honey which we use. It helps to fight a lot of problems like stomach ulcers, food poisoning, throat infections etc.

What are its beauty benefits?
There are a lot of things that this honey can do for you. As we already know the utility of honey in our beauty regime, I need not to stress on the same. But manuka honey can add much more value to your skin health and you should try it for sure.

Clearing your skin

Clearing of the skin is one major benefit you can derive out of manuka honey. Due to its antibacterial properties as already discussed above, it is a boon for people with inflamed skin. It soothes the skin and helps it regain its lost pH balance. It eats away the dead skin cells and renews your skin effectively. People with acne problem should definitely try this out and relieve yourself.


Helps fight ageing

Manuka Honey helps in increasing collagen of your skin. The amino acids in the honey work to protect this structural build-up of collagen and help to bring out the youthful skin by reducing those fine lines and wrinkles that have been bothering you for long.

Helps in retaining and restoring moisture

Manuka honey helps to restore your skin’s moisture by providing the required hydration to your skin as it is a natural humectant. It also helps in cell regeneration as we have seen above so by maintaining the moisture it again helps to increase the elasticity of your skin making it less prone to ageing and other similar syndromes.

Helps in removing those scars

Manuka honey has been clinically tested to be of a great use in removing even the oldest of scars.


How to use Manuka Honey?

Now after these benefits, the obvious question is that how could one use it! Well, you can use it as a face mask. Before using it, ensure to clean your face using a cleanser as per your skin needs. Now simply wet your face a bit as it would make the application of honey easier. Take one tablespoon of manuka honey and spread over your face evenly coating a thin layer. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes so that the antibacterial properties could work properly.

Now wash it off with warm water and pat dry your skin. Do not forget to moisturize. You would instantly feel a difference in your skin. Regular usage would do wonders and you shall feel it soon after 3-4 uses. Try using it twice a week at least.

I hope you liked this piece of information about Manuka Honey. It is a nature’s gift and we definitely shall receive it


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