Beauty Benefits of Marigold


Beauty Benefits of Marigold

Marigold (better known as Gainda) is not only a beautiful yellow flower that grows in almost every house or back yard. It is a flower with multiple qualities. It is an anti-inflammatory plant, a medicinal plant now featuring in medical books as part of cancer curing medicines and anti-cancer treatments. In addition it also has antiseptic qualities, which make it able to treat wounds. It is also good for ulcers, corns and calluses. Experts say that this plant has been historically used in preparing cereals and soups due to its anti-bacterial properties.

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It is also beneficial to human skin in ways more than one. It is also able to cure eczema to a great extent and is also effective on various skin ulcers. As far as I remember, my mother and my sister who had eczema have always relied on calendula cream made from marigold or calendula plant. Today their eczema is all gone.

Its flower extract is considered useful for skin as it controls wrinkles and fine lines. It is also a natural moisturizer which keeps the skin hydrated. Even if you rub the petals directly on your face, it seems you have ported the yellow shine on to your face from the flower.

It can be used to make homemade face packs which could enhance the skin nourishment quite significantly. And it is also used to make tea and tinctures that are found to benefit human skin and health in multiple ways.

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It also takes care of skin dryness which is because it is a great moisturizer. The calendula oil which is formed after distillation of the marigold flower is very much part of all moisturizers we see. It is also very good for treating ring worms, athlete’s foot etc. which are quite common amongst masses.


Marigold flower is best known to treat oily skin naturally. So, if you are tensed always because you have oily textured skin, do try this hack. All you need is fresh flowers soaked in warm water. Just apply these washed petals on your face and keep it on for 10 minutes before washing it off. Do it daily and you would soon see the difference in your skin.

Marigold petals are also good to be applied on rashes and skin wounds which we have already long struggled to remove. Old scars, rashes and bruises are now easy to take care of, what say?

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The petals are also useful additions to soaps as they impart their color and some properties like anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial agents to the soap to make it more effective. There are numerous soaps which are laced with these benefits and are used religiously specifically by cancer patients.

Marigold or calendula is also effective on premature ageing. The flower petals or calendula oil are known to treat the skin with care. It deeply hydrates the skin and helps in preventing ageing making you look younger and beautiful for long. It is also good on puffiness that we often develop under the eyes.

We often negate natural products and benevolence of nature for we believe that marketed and chemically treated products are best to be used. But I guess after this post, you will also be forced to change your mind, like I have. I will now definitely try and look for calendula content in all skin related products I purchase and yes, I will surely make use of the marigold flowers in my backyard!

Have you tried Marigold flower in your beauty routine before?

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