Beauty Benefits of Pomegranate


Beauty Benefits of Pomegranate

Hi Beauties!


I am here today with information that might astonish some of you and might leave you with a thought that we are sometimes so near the solutions to our problems but we cannot see them. Like today you would get to know how a pomegranate could solve so many of your beauty related issues.

You don’t believe me right? Well, see for yourself. Do try these beauty hacks and share your experiences. I am sure they will be worth letting us know.

pomegranate benefits for skin

Firstly, it is a rich source of Vitamin C and therefore is very good for immunity which is good naturally for skin and hair. Now you know why your parents used to tell you to improve your hemoglobin 😀

Also, it is rich in natural vitamins, iron as well as calcium and necessary dietary fibers which make it all the more necessary for your body’s consumption either directly or as juice or may be some other form like using it as a face mask.

beauty benefits of pomegranate

Pomegranates offer anti-ageing properties which can help you defy those fine lines and wrinkles and also works good on the glow of your skin making it look fresh and lively. Regular consumption of the fruit actually works wonders on the dullest of skins. It makes you appear vibrant and retains the necessary moisture.

Amazing Benefits For Skin

It is good for any skin type as it is a natural product. You can expect a good improvement in your skin’s moisture if you have a dry skin. If you have an oily skin, it would also help you control pimples and breakouts quite effectively. Its Omega 3 fatty acid is responsible for all these changes as required by your skin.

pomegranate for skin

It is also a natural sunscreen. So, if you apply it externally or consume it internally, the fruit surely imparts benefits to your hair and skin.

I will share a simple mask with you. Make a paste of pomegranate with lemon juice and apply it on your face. You will witness a fairer skin and rejuvenated texture.

There are more masks possible which can help you further improve on your skin and its texture.

Amazing Benefits For Hair

For your hair, you could try hot pomegranate seed oil which is specially good on frizzy and dry hair types. If you drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily, it would lead to control hair fall and help your hair grow faster and healthier. It is also good for your skin as already mentioned above.

benefits of pomegranate

So you see, apart from hydration to your skin, the fruit is also very good on your hair and you can actually feel the difference pretty soon if you start on it. People who have tried doing it vouch for it and claim that the fruit really has turned things positive for them. It is always any day better to increase the usage of these natural fruits in our diet and otherwise.

I am sure you did not know many of these benefits and believe me there could be more to it which I might not be aware of. This is the reason I encourage all of you to share your comments and experiences. In case any one of you has something interesting to share about pomegranates, like some mask or any other way we could use it, please do share. We will be happy to learn and imbibe.



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