Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C


Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C

When was the last time you took a long romantic walk across the skin care products aisle? Ok, it is romantic just for me may be, but you sure would have noticed the surplus of products enriched with natural vitamins and specifically targeted minerals. But do the products enriched with the goodness of just one vitamin enough for the overall benefit of your skin? It is generally not so. But Vitamin C is one such exceptionally essential product which works wonders and takes care almost of every possible need of your skin.

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Surely, you would have read various posts regarding the goodness of VITAMIN-C which talk endlessly about how it is good for producing collagen, collagen and more collagen. No, I am not going to do the same thing. Instead what I feel is necessary is to make people aware of how can they use it to amplify their beauty.

What can regular doses of vitamin C do for you?


  • Our skin is inevitably exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, not all of which is good for the skin, pollution and smoke (even if you don’t smoke, the smokers around you have turned your body into a passive smoker). This over exposure to harmful substances creates free radicals which are very harmful for the over-all maintenance of the skin. This issue can be combated by the nutrient vitamin C, which is indisputably responsible for manufacture and continuance of Collagen in our bodies. Collagen is the adhesive which holds the entire body as one, by increasing the levels of elasticity in the skin. Say hello to firmer skin!
  • Vitamin C enriched treatments have the ability to reverse the brown spots and sun burn spots when used topically. The results can be seen even if Vitamin C is taken internally, no matter the source.


  • With regular intake of required levels of Vitamin C, you can ward off signs of ageing for a tad bit longer. Not convinced? Remember when I said it helps tightens and tone the skin by producing enough collagen, which in turn improves the skin’s elasticity. Yes, the same collagen helps keep wrinkles and dry, patchy, flaky skin at bay so that you can look younger some more.
  • What if I told you it even helps with camouflaging and repairing skin discoloration? Consuming Vitamin C enriched fruits or taking supplements can prevent your DNA from undergoing photochemical reactions. It inhibits the escalation of melanomas in the skin and furthermore lightens dark spots, freckles on the skin and ageing spots.
  • Ascorbic acid, also known as L-ascorbic acid is treated as Vitamin C royalty, as it has more vitamin c than any other form when it comes to skin care. To give your skin an instant as well as dramatic brightening and firming effect, mix a 15% ascorbic acid treatment to your moisturizer or serum and apply it locally to your skin with clean fingertips. The results would leave you speechless.

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Iron Supplement

  • Whoever said that iron intake was very necessary for growing kids and grown up alike, was definitely not a fool. Iron indeed helps us look and feel good by taking up our energy levels. Vitamin C helps our body to absorb iron from the food we eat to get absorbed by our body more rapidly and with ease. This indeed risks the chances of becoming anemic and looking pale. Pale skin never looked healthy, not even on Angelina Jolie.
  • For a rejuvenating face mask which can give your thirsty skin the much required vitamin C dose, take one kiwi and a small cup of cubed papaya. Unpeel the kiwi, mash both the kiwi and the papaya and blend them together. Apply this refreshing fruity mask and wash off your skin after 15-20 minutes. Say hello to your new, refreshed skin!

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Vitamin C

Following is a DIY Vitamin C serum recipe, which is my holy grail when it comes to skin care. But before taking the leap, make sure to measure carefully as Vitamin C is an acid at last and too much of it can overwhelm normal skins. But if you have excessively dry or wrinkled skin, a little bit more would not harm you much.

Take half a teaspoon of Vitamin C crystals, and dilute them with a teaspoon of distilled water. Now that the crystals have dissolved, mix in 2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin. We all know that nothing can beat glycerin in making your skin super soft. Try this natural but effective serum that can boost up your skin health.


  • Our body needs exotic nutrients which can promote healthy hair growth; the key to get lustrous tresses. What better way to get thick, shiny hair than consuming adequate amounts of Vitamin C. Our body produces free radicals each time it breaks down the consumed food, and converts it into glucose. These free radicals do us no good; in fact they hamper hair growth by successfully leading to split ends, and brittle hair, prone to breakage. Vitamin C is a good source of antioxidants which can act as a protective shield against those pesky free radicals.
  • Apart from intensively strengthening and repairing blood capillaries, heavy intake of vitamin C also improves the blood circulation, which is the biggest requirement for growing a thicker mane. (Oiling is said to be good for hair as it improves blood circulation in the scalp. This makes sense now?)

Hormonal Issues

  • The reason some of us beautiful ladies are not able to grow out glossy tresses is because of our hormones; more specifically HORMONAL DISPARITY. Vitamin C can help you in this front too, by reversing the adrenalin gland’s exhaustion. Adrenalin is the gland which controls all the hormone production in our body. And by regulating the adrenalin gland, Vitamin C promotes a healthy hormonal balance in the body, thereby helping you achieve the desired hair.
  • The last thing we would want our hair to go through is dandruff. I know it can get gross, but thankfully, Vitamin C comes to our aid here too. Dandruff and dry flaky skin is irksome beyond measures and generally clogs our delicate hair follicles. Vitamin C has the ability to ward of dandruff by skirmishing the bacteria present on the scalp which causes dandruff. Vitamin-C’s anti-viral properties not only clear off dandruff but also encourage hair development by clearing out rubble from your follicles.

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  • To enrich your hair, try this vitamin-C enriched hair mask. Blend one semi-boiled sweet potato (peeled and pre-boiled, but make sure it is not fully cooked as the vitamin content will be less), three to four strawberries and half of a medium red bell pepper (easily available nowadays). Blend till the mixture comes to a creamy, smooth consistency. Covering every inch of your scalp, apply and spread this mixture all over your hair. Wait patiently for 25-30 minutes and wash your hair off.


  • Just like collagen production and increase of elasticity in the tissues helps improve the texture of your skin, so does the improved collagen level help in promoting a healthier nail growth on your fingers and toes. By improving the circulation in the blood vessels of the skin surrounding the nails, Vitamin C helps in cheering nail growth.
  • Deficiency of vitamin C is often seen as leading to hang nails. But with the healthy nail growth encouraged by Vitamin C, this nagging and extremely painful situation is easily combated. Goodbye painful hang nails!
  • There is as such no effective tropical treatment to nourish nails and enrich them with vitamin C. The best way to grow healthy looking strong nails is to consume vitamin c internally. Trust us; your nails will love you for the special treatment you provide them with.

Vitamin C supplements come in many forms ranging from capsules, tablets, to crystalline powders. It does not matter in what form you prefer to consume it, it be supplements or the natural dose which you can get from various fruits and vegetables, what matters is that you are able to reap all the benefits from this miracle nutrient.

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Since times immemorial we have heard experts singing praises of Vitamin C. Undoubtedly Vitamin C is a long established superstar when it comes to skin care, chiefly due to its anti-ageing properties. But not to forget, that like any other ingredient, skin care cannot be as simple as just one single vitamin. Just like you need to incorporate various food groups in your diet for your body to become healthy, similarly you need to add up on various minerals and nutritive vitamins to boost your beautiful skin and radiant hair.

Vitamin C is highly water soluble and is not stored by our body tissues. Thus it becomes almost mandatory for us to keep replenishing the Vitamin C levels in our body to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails which everyone would be spiteful of.

Have you included Vitamin C in your beauty routine?

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