Beauty Blender Pro Review & Differences Between Black (Pro) & Pink (Original) Sponges


Beauty Blender Pro Review

When I was getting my first beauty blender I was confused as to why the black one was called Pro. I mean… Did it blend like a pro? Was it better than the pink blender? Did it have any added features since it was launched much later? Am guessing many of you out there have pretty much the same doubts… that is, if you haven’t already googled for hours and days and months like I did, to find the answers to all those queries πŸ˜›

PAC Beauty blender sponge

So, instead of just a plain review, I present to you the comparison between the pink and black beauty blenders… *cheers and applause with trumpets blowing in the background* πŸ˜€ :blush:


The first thing you’ll notice is the difference in color: one is pink and one is black. :nerd: Wow! I feel like I should be given an award for that discovery! :silly: Anyways, this is supposed to be the ONLY difference between the two and otherwise. They are designed to perform in the exact same way. The Black beauty blender was launched bearing in mind makeup artists/ professionals who would need to use several different foundations on several people. And hence would end up with a badly stained sponge.

PAC Beauty blender ( Red + Black ) Sponge

Also the black blender looks more professional and does not stain as badly as the pink one which ends up looking awfully dirty and gross after just a single use. The black blender is also a great option for women of colour.Β  And for those with medium to dusky skin tone, whose foundation shades will be darker and hence stain deeper. The black sponge is also great for those who love bronzing & contouring with their beauty blender. We can all imagine how tough it can be to wash those off a light-colored sponge. :sweat: The pink one is a good option for cream blush application.


The black beauty blender has a slightly more coarse texture than the pink one. The pink one has a super smooth texture when it is dampened and expanded to its full size. While the black one is just ever-so-slightly textured. But do bear in mind that the difference is barely noticeable unless you look really closely and it does not really matter.

beauty blender cleanser review


Both colors have the same shape and expand to nearly double its size once wet (refer image above). As I mentioned earlier, both the pink and the black sponges are designed to perform the exact same way and they really do. Having read many comparison reviews, I have noticed that they are all not consistent. Some say the black one absorbs more product whereas others say the opposite. Some say the pink one has a more pointed shape whereas you can clearly tell from the pics that the black one I own is just as pointy.  This is because most people are unaware that Beauty Blenders are hand-made. Hence may have slight variations in shape and texture. So it all boils down entirely to the piece you receive.


Since Beauty Blenders are meant to be used wet, there are high chances of it developing mould if it is stored in an air-tight container before it fully dries out. Mould is a type of fungus that develops on damp surfaces particularly in rainy weather. The thing here is that, if the pink blender develops mould, you can definitely tell. But the same cannot be said about the black sponge. If the fungus is whitish or greenish, you could probably see it on the black sponge but if the mould is black, you may never know. :-/


The black-dot-phenomenon:

That’s what I like to call it πŸ˜› I live in a coastal area, where the high humidity levels create tiny black dots on anything that remains damp for a while. I have lived in other cities and experienced mould before, but the black dots that appear on the towels and clothes here are like none other coz they are not like regular mould and whatever you do, they just cannot be washed off! You have to either send it to a professional to get your clothes chemically treated with bleach (which is not possible for colored clothes) or just dump it. :struggle:

Since Beauty Blenders don’t come cheap, I literally didn’t have a choice but to go for the black one (even though I loved the hot pink blender more). Since I was darn sure the pink would develop polka dots soon. And that would simply break my heart… even though I generally love polka dots πŸ˜›

Mould image 1 source here

Mould image 2 source here


Original BeautyBlender sponge blender

At first, I assumed the black blender may be tricky to wash. Since I assumed that you can’t see how dirty it is, as opposed to the pink one that literally highlights every speck of foundation on it. Turns out, I was wrong. Foundation is obviously brown and you can definitely make out which part of the black sponge still has product left on it after washing. However, the most remarkable difference between the pink and black blenders is that the pink one bleeds badly while washing.

The hot pink blender leaks pink dye while washing and gets lighter and lighter with consequent washes, finally turning to light pink. The black one on the other hand, does not bleed AT ALL even during the first wash. So, it may be a better idea to get the black one if you have sensitive skin. As you never know if the leaking dye could cause an allergic reaction to your skin.

Price: They both retail for $20 each

Final thoughts:

If I had to choose between the Black and Pink Beauty Blenders, I would without a doubt go for the Black ones.Β  Since they are easier to maintain, do not bleed while washing and look brand new even after several uses. (In fact, the one you see in the pics here have been used and washed several times). The pink one bleeds while washing, makes stains more visible because of its lighter color . It even looks shoddy after many uses especially if you have used them for contouring, bronzing etc.

So if the messy appearance isn’t really an issue for you, it doesn’t really matter which one you want to buy.

Do bear in mind that Beauty Blenders are handcrafted and hence there may be minor differences in shape, form & texture. So don’t assume that the two colours work differently. In reality, they both perform the same way and will surely revolutionize the way you apply makeup. :cute:

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  1. wow! Naf it seems you actually made me sit in the class and learn everything..I wasn’t aware that these are hand made ..Anything handmade definitely deserve this pricing ..

    If you have seen my haul I got real technique this time..I thought i will save few bucks but now u motivated me to buy the black one as well πŸ™‚

    • Hehe…I’ve always wanted to become a teacher πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› I actually want to get the RT sponge too coz i like the flat edge. Looks like we keep motivating each other to shop more πŸ˜€

  2. I picked up the pink one because I’d rather know when it develops mould. I know the beauty blender is expensive and it would break my heart if it develops mould. But I better not use a sponge with mould all over it.


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