Beauty Blender Sponge Price, How To Use & Clean + Video


Beauty Blender Sponge Price, How To Use & Clean + Video

Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed a lot on the weekend. Here I have come with a new video about Original Beauty Blender where I haves hared its best features, method to use and basic cleaning tips. So lets get started with the details.

When the product was launched in the beauty world, I was keen to get it any how as I had read rave reviews about it being the ultimate makeup tool for a flawless foundation. So I asked one of my friend to get it for me when she was going abroad. So, when she bought it there was an offer going on where a pack of 2 beauty blender was available at a rice of $27. I got the two beauty blender pack as it is a sponge beauty blender so it needs to be washed after every 2-3 uses and in the mean time I can go with the other beauty blender while one is washed.

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As I use makeup quite frequently, I think it was right to pick two beauty blender pack so that when one is drying I can use the other beauty blender instead of using my makeup brush for applying foundation which tends to leave fine streaks on the face and doesn’t blends as good as this sponge.

The reason I love this product is that it is extremely easy to use and blend in makeup on the face. It never leaves the streak lines of foundation on the face which one gets when using a brush to apply foundation.

Another interesting thing about this beauty blender is that it looks very small in size but it actually increases in size when damped with water so that it absorbs less foundation, which often lead to product wastage. Without damping it may be used but then it will absorb so much foundation that you may have a tough time in washing it thoroughly.

How To Use Beauty Blender-

The best way to use this Beauty Blender is to damp  and squeeze the excess water. Then I dab it on the foundation and dab it on my face with continuous bouncing motion (clearly shown in the video) with the broad base. The conical part of the Beauty Blender is used to reach the difficult areas of the face like the under the nose, under eye area and other crevices of the face. It definitely gives much better blending effect in comparison to the makeup brushes used for applying foundation.

Also when you tend to use foundation, blush & bronzer together,blending all three sometimes makes it really tricky so the conical part is perfect in that case and it will just give the hint of all the three products without blending all three and give a mixed up look.

Basic Cleaning of Beauty Blender-

There is a specific solution for washing the Beauty Blender although it is not available in India and is also pricey. So, I usually take baby shampoo and work up a good amount of lather in my palm and just rub the blender in a gentle manner and then under running water I tend to squeeze it until the squeezed water comes out clean.

You need to squeeze the product thoroughly and keep it for 3-4 hours to naturally air dry. Also if you don’t have much time then let it dry for half an hour and can use it as it is already mentioned to use it when damp.

I hope you like the review and the tips to use this Beauty Blender. Do subscribe the Wise She makeup channel for more interesting videos.

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  1. I was so influenced by this that I bought a pack of two beautyblenders as well 😀
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