Beauty Blunders You Need To Avoid


Beauty Blunders You Need To Avoid

I remember the time when my beauty regime got a drastic reversal when I got married and the simple skincare regime turned to a bit more elaborate with some major makeup basics along with the usual skincare!

But initially it was not like one read reviews and then starts using a product or follow how to actually do makeup! But yes over the years, the makeup basics have certainly improved and now I wonder how clownish I must be looking at that time when I had no idea about the basic know-hows of makeup!

Well, as the time have changed woman are now more aware of certain things and makeup which was exclusive to only grand events and parties has replaced with the daily wear accessory for a woman either working or stay at home!

Makeup has certainly embraced them with the much required confidence! But everything has its own merit or demerit and so here I would mention some best known beauty blunders which every woman should avoid!

Excess scrubbing-

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You skin has a natural ability to regenerate and shed off the dead skin on its own! You just need to be patient with that and use products like exfoliating scrubs to remove the top dead layer of skin! It doesn’t mean you have to purposely scrub your face every once in a while on the name of exfoliation as that may strip off the natural sebum which may gives large open pores due to over exfoliation!

Excessive moisturization-

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Skin hydration is surely essential for soft and supple skin. There are many problems which get solved if you moisturize the facial skin properly. But don’t forget to use the right formulation of moisturizer for you skin because if you are not doing so, it may drastically effect the natural skin texture and may give you clogged pores!

Grooming eye brows-

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Eye brows are crucial deciding features of the face and may improve or deteriorate the look with one wrong step! If you like tweezing, make sure to step a foot away from the mirror. Sometimes it happens that you do not realize where you had to pull the tweezer and end up with too thin eyebrows which is surely not a pleasing sight!

Using expired products-

This is probably a common mistake as one doesn’t realize that the product has served you for the longest time. Now its time to throw it away however amount of product is left! Never attempt this blunder!

Wet hair blunder-

healthy hair
side view of a woman combing her hair

Wet hair is not supposed to be touched with a hair brush or any hot equipment like a hair dryer! First you have to make sure that hair is semi-dried with a towel first. Then apply a serum to protect it from excessive blow drying!

Do not apply conditioner in hair roots-

hair care

Never apply conditioner directing onto the scalp as it may weight down your hair and make it look limp! Always start from the mid hair length to the ends and leave them for about 5-7 minutes!

Well, I am sure you like these tips and known which beauty blunders you are surely not attempting to make!

Have you too made these beauty mistakes?

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