Beauty & Fitness Secrets of Asin


Beauty & Fitness Secrets of Asin


We knew Asin as the successful South Indian Actress before trying her luck in Bollywood and that too happened with a grand movie which was a huge success and instant hit. She was instantly recognized as the chirpy and bubbly actress and the confidence and acting skills were very much evident in the first movie itself. After her first film she worked in other Bollywood movies which were big hits and the number of her fans has increased tremendously. She is a perfect example of those dusky beauties that made it big on the silver screen and continue to do so.


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So, here I am, with a post which focuses on her best kept beauty secrets along with some of her fitness secrets which helps her in maintaining her body toned and fit.

Asin’s Skincare secrets

  • She is a Malayalee by birth so she swears to the use of coconut water & fruits juices to keep her body well hydrated and maintain the skin’s elasticity.
  • She is a person who likes to keep her makeup minimalistic and keeps the skin clear to the maximum extent. She is not very much fond of makeup but when she does makeup; she ensures that it is properly removed with a good makeup remover so that the skin doesn’t get clogged.
  • She is a firm believer of the Ayurvedic massage therapy for taking proper care of the skin and follows Ayurvedic medications more than any other method.
  • She is very fond of Sandalwood paste and honey for taking care of her facial skin as these are very gentle & natural ingredients which help in keeping the skin soft & smooth.
  • One thing she advises is to be gentle with the skin and do not rub it much as it will strip off the natural layer of the skin.


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Asin’s Haircare Secrets

  • She is another actress who is naturally gifted with long and healthy locks. She credits her mother for passing on the genes which gave her naturally silky and healthy locks.
  • She swears to the use of baby oil for head massage for her lovely tresses. She never misses this ritual of regular oiling of hair so as to attain soft & smooth hair.
  • She advises to shampoo & condition the scalp on a regular basis so that dirt & pollution don’t make the scalp oily and more prone to dandruff and other scalp problems.
  • Another thing she mentions for her lovely locks is that the amount of nutrition one takes largely determines the texture and health of hair, so a proper nutritious diet is a must to attain great locks.
  • Although she is blessed with silky hair but being an actress she has to undergo several types of hair styling every now and then, so to tackle the problem of frizzy hair, she swears to the use of a good serum & conditioner for treating her hair.


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Asin’s Fitness Secrets

  • She has a well toned body and a good figure naturally and she likes to keep her fitness regime simple and not very intense. She also believes that a healthy diet is very essential step for keeping the body fit and in shape.
  • Apart from that she has a sport background and has played badminton for many years which gifted her natural athletic body so she doesn’t needs to make rigorous efforts to keep her body fit & healthy.
  • Being a part of the Film Industry she has to travel a lot so a regular workout routine is not fixed for her but whenever she hits the gym, she does cardio & light weight exercises to keep her bottom area toned.
  • She is an ardent fan of liquid diets and believes that water and other juices like coconut water & fruit juices help a lot in having a fit and healthy body.


Asin Fitness Secrets


So, this was all about the dusky beauty of B-town who is well known for her girl-next door looks and acting skills. Hope you liked all the best kept secrets of her lifestyle.

Will you follow Asin’s beauty and fitness tips?

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  1. she is b’ful. i ‘loved her in “ready” and “khiladi 786”.
    btw in one of her interview she has said that she is a digger of dairy products. no wonder she is so gorgeous

    • Yeah I agree Shambhavi..I really adored her in Khiladi 786 for the curly hair look she sported..! I think it suits her very well and her chiseled jaw line is just superb..! :-))

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