Beauty Fixes During A Long Flight


Beauty Fixes During A Long Flight

Travelling is becoming a very vital part of our life. Being professional or house maker, we cannot skip the travel hustles. And the worst part is when you board a long flight looking decent and beautiful with makeup and at the time of landing, you are almost messed up, your kajal gets smudged, your lipstick fades and your face and eyes lasts puffed. So, for escaping all these makeup hustles, we will be discussing some makeup tips for long duration flights for keeping it intact.

The most embarrassing moment is when after a long flight, someone is there on airport to catch you up, maybe an office colleague with whom you have to go straightaway for a meeting.

Thick Face Moisturizer

patanjali moisturizer cream

The humidity is so low in the cabin that your skin will start dehydrate and you will fell a lot of dryness. For this always carry a good moisturizer and reapply it.

Please note that no makeup will remain intact if your skin starts drying. For makeup to look good, moisturizing is must.

Face Powder


Instead of putting foundation on your skin, go for face powder. As on flight, you will for sure discover dryness and that time if you are wearing foundation, it will start cracking and roughing down, on the other hand face powder just like a normal talc will remain there on your face and even if it gets down, it wont make you look weird. It will pretend like you didn’t put anything on your face.

Eye liner

According to me, eye liner can be skipped and instead kohl only can do the eye magic as no matter how perfect and waterproof eyeliner you have applied, overnight flight will smudge it. For few hours you can be attentive but later on you only will accidentally smudge it while rubbing your eyes.


Faces Kajal Magneteyes Kajal

A good smudge proof Kajal can be applied. You can reapply as many times as you want because of its easy application and even if it smudges, reapplying it after wiping off with makeup remover stripes is an easy task.


Though Mascaras are not preferred on long duration flight as the dehydration there in cabin will dry off your lashes and you will end up losing many lashes while struggling to get the mascara off. But if it is important, take a lip brush and apply some Vaseline gel on your lashes. Wait for 5 minutes and apply waterproof mascara. The mascara won’t get off while on flight and after landing also, you don’t have to struggle much to get it off.

Liquid foundation

Well as earlier mentioned don’t use liquid foundation as base, instead use it over your lipstick and Eye Shadow for color stay.

Take a little foundation on your finger tip and apply on your foundation lightly, it wont smudge your eye shadow as it dries faster and will help in increasing staying power. For Lipstick same procedure can be used as well

Lip Balm and Lipstick

Wet N Wild MegaLast Lipstick

Applying lip balm before will help both in softening and helping lipstick to stay longer. Also in flight’s dryness it will help in hydrating lips. So keep in mind to apply a thick layer of lip balm and messaging before using Lipstick. Lipstick should be Long Lasting, if it is not than its better to skip the lipstick part as you will wake up as zombie after night.

Face Spritz

Face spritz are facial sprays which hydrates the skin and if applied above the makeup, it wont let makeup smudge from any corner.

Suggestions: The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz worth Rs 740 and Evian Facial Spray worth Rs. 2,490. Both are magical sprays and are very natural. Spray it on top of your makeup to help set it or to refresh when it starts getting cakey or showing lines.

Wet Wipes and Makeup Remover Wipes

wet wipes travel must have

Small packets of both the products are must to carry on board to prevent makeup hustles.

What are your Beauty Fixes During A Long Flight?

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