Beauty Hair Myths Debunked


Beauty Hair Myths Debunked

Since childhood, we are prone to more useless beliefs and myths than diseases. Specifically speaking about hair, people are so good at spreading bad rumors about the growth. There are so many myths associated with it that you actually grow up believing them. But enough is really enough and I think we should put an end to the unnecessary myths and beliefs.

Let’s quickly laugh through these myths and promise to ourselves to cut these outgrown myths from their roots now.

 If you cut your hair frequently they grow faster

myths of hair cut

This is the most illogical myth ever! Reason being that hair grow from the roots while the hair are cut from the bottom. As simple as that! Experts rubbish this myth and say that one should get the hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks to have a healthy length as the hair down the length become fragile and look uglier with time.

If you pluck a grey hair, there grow more of them

Another one from the older generations! This can be true also but the reason behind greying majorly is unhealthy diet. If you keep plucking your hair off, it may lead to loss of hair rather than more of greying.

Shampooing makes hair fall

This is another myth which is like universal but as per hair experts hair fall when they live their life or are weak. It is just that you visibly see your hair fallen off while in shower. It may fall while we are traveling or on road as well. Experts say that if we will stop shampooing our hair because of the fear of losing them, we might aggravate the problem since hair would start falling because of oil buildup and unclean scalp.

Using colors makes your hair unhealthy

hair coloring

Experts say that while bleaching your hair can be a little dangerous as it removes the layers of hair and makes them thinner, there is no reason why simple coloring of hair should be dangerous. They say that it in fact, adds a layer to the strands making them thicker and adding volume to the hair.

Shampoos with lather formation only are healthier

glycerin for hair

It is not necessary that shampoos that lather are only good to your hair. There is a mental satisfaction in seeing lather formation is what the experts say. As per them, there are glycerin based shampoos which do not form lather and do not hamper hair as well.

One should wash hair everyday

wash hair review

This is entirely wrong! One should not wash hair every day since the shampoos snatch the necessary oils of your hair and make them look dry overtime. Shampoo at the most should be used twice during the week. Or, as an exception if you have had a real bad day with your hair due to exposure to dust, you may clean your hair.

Myth 7- towel dry is the best

hair wash

No! Towels can be harsh if you start drying your hair with towel vigourosly. Rather one should generously wrap your hair to drain water and then finally use a comb to drain excess water. Always use a wide bristled comb on your wet hair to have least breakage. Using a towel to dry hair leads to hair breakage.

We must follow this and save your hair. Myths are of no use believe me!

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