Beauty Myths Which Are Too Stupid To Be True!


Beauty Myths Which Are Too Stupid To Be True

Hello Beauties,

How many of you are guilty of paying heed to what your parlor lady said when you were not so acquainted with the beauty know-hows back then as you are presently! Well, speaking about myself, yes I did believed some myths which now appear to be entirely false! The most prevalent ones were, if you start coloring your hair once, you will have more grey hair and you will have to compulsorily color your hair every month!

So let me share with you all some of the most funny and whimsical beauty myths I am guilty of believing at some point of time in my life! :-p

Toothpaste reduces acne-


Poor me used to think that toothpaste will get rid of an eruptions which is caused by the fluctuating hormonal levels as a part of PMS each month. Well, yes I actually used toothpaste on my acne and let it stay for a while only to discover in the morning that the acne got even more red and prominent! 😉

Eye Makeup need not be removed before sleeping-


Oh I hardly used any makeup back then but I surely heard that eye makeup is fine to sleep with. And that you should only wash your face with a face wash before sleeping and that is it! :-p

You need to apply sunscreen just before you step out in Sun-


Yes, it was also heard and I also used to think it is true unless a bad episode of sunburn happened. I was in front of a derma specialist and only then I came to know that it is supposed to be applied at least 15-20 minutes prior to sun exposure!

Any foundation for makeup application-

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation

I guess this dates back to mostly the areas where there were less reputed salons and beauty services available. Picking any foundation irrespective of your skin tone has surely got a lot of myth associated to it. The focus was to look fair and that the foundation did that effectively most of the time, even for darker skin tones. Now I can’t imagine what girls would look like in case they believed in this drastic myth! :-p

Shaving leads to hard and excessive hair growth-

gillette venus shaving 7th day experience

This was yet another common myth that was really annoying. And only waxing was the most efficient method of hair removal back then which required a lot of time and patience! Sadly, it doesn’t hold true at present now. And since I have started epillating, I am no longer worried about getting my legs or hands waxed every 25 days! 🙂

Coloring Hair leads to more Grey Hair-

How to color hair at home

Another one I got to know when I had premature grey strands in my X standard due to high stress level. Now after 12 years my hair are very much natural dark brown. I mean leaving those few strands plus few more I don’t have grey hair issue. If it would have been true, I guess by now I would have more than 3/4th portion of hair turn grey! :-p 😉

Well, there so many others as well which I came to know about in less than 5 years ago. And now when I remember them, I only have a laugh over them as none of them hold true!

Have you too heard of similar beauty myths?

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    • oh great it works for you…I remember once I applied and my father asked me beta ye kya hogya face pe! He was worried I got chicken pox or something! :-p

  1. I just hope that not removing eye makeup at night was true because sometimes when I have to go somewhere early in themorning then at night before I dont feellike removing my makeup,I think that ek raatki to baat hai 😛
    But yeah I never sleep with any kind of makeup on my face,Iam not that stupid 😀

    • haha yes Nausheen now we are so aware that the world me end today but I have to remove makeup and then only i will sleep!Come what may!! :-p


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