My Makeup Story Entry 3 By Arja


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Illamasqua powder blusher duo no.3


My passion for dance and makeup were sort of inter dependent from the very beginning. I had respected makeup as an art form that can make an actor enter the guise of many characters – of many ages ,transcending years (looking aged ) or going back to youth with prosthetics and a few strokes of a talented artist`s brush. I never thought of makeup to be a thing to be frowned upon , for I fell in love with the various genres of makeup – be it a beautiful Indian classical dancer`s elongated doe like eyes or be it the clean ,quaint dignified makeup of a British rose (beauty ) , or be it the colossal eyed , snow whitish , ruby redlipped makeup of a Geisha`s, or be it a Brazilian bombshell`s exquisite tanned honey coloured skin contrasting with her deep sea green eyes. Exotic and exotica – that`s what defines make up as an Artform wielded by an artistic person.

I remember as an 8 year old , when I 1st did a Bharatnatyam performance courtesy Kalamandalam (the noted Bharatnatyam danseuse Thankumuni Kutty`s dance academy ) , bells jingling on my ankle ,my heart trembling in both trepidation and anticipation alike , as the makeup artist fondly applied a thick layer of moisturiser on my face and started on my makeup – Long elongated eyes – and pretty defined lips – and transformed me into an Apsara fit for the Royal courts of Indra. I had never looked back ever since. Backstage I had picked up many tips and tricks of the trade and for my relatives` weddings I had often ,wielded the magic wand and transformed faces and made the bride believe more in their beauty and innerselves.
Regarding makeup , the quirkiest incident happened when for a male friend`s theatre performance on Mozart`s life – I had helped him impersonate the look of a Royal , complete with the wigs and makeup ,and some of my stash of makeup including a bright red Revlon lipcolor and some blush went with his belongings in the backstage rush .His girlfriend , later , found the lipstick and blush in his bag (for he was about to return them to me ) and got quite the wrong idea and very understandingly wanted to help him discover his orientation thinking he was confused and he had to clear up the whole thing with her from scratch.But it all ended on a good note and well , all`s well that ends well.


My five favourite makeup products are :-

Concealer (kryolan dermacolor as I can use it for stage performances as well and as I always stay up late , and have dark circles to battle )

A bright coral lipcolour (Maybelline colorsensational coral pink /corallustre )


illamasqua contest entery1


Gel liner (the lasting drama from maybelline in black )

The Maybelline Colossal Mascara 

Highlighting powder (Lakme moonlit highlighter )

I had always wished I had green eyes when I get bored of my naturally dark brown ones , and I dont quite think lenses (unless they are high-end and custom made like the ones celebs have access to ) can replicate that effect quite well. 😛


illamsqua contest entry 3




illamasqua contest entry 4


Illamasqua makes beautiful makeup – illuminating , creative and hence I think I`ll be able to do justice to those products on offer. 😀 Hail , wise she ! ^_^


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  1. I already read ur story in ur blog Arja n loved it :-)) .
    I loved ur eyes and the way u have applied the liner :inlove:

  2. Oh my god , I just noticed this post now. You guys are all so generous and sweet ^_^ Awww *hugs * Thank you all for the lovely compliments and to wise she for this wonderful chance to tell our story – really appreciate it ^_^ :hug-makeup:


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