Beauty Products You Should Never Share With Your Girls /Room Mates


Beauty Products You Should Never Share With Your Girls /Room Mates

Sharing is caring and it is really hard to say NO when our friends, roommates use our makeup products but if you do not want to catch any infection or swap herpes with your friends then being selfish is the nicest thing you should do. Share your secret with your girls but think twice before sharing your beauty products.


Makeup Brushes & Sponges

We tend to carry fungi, viruses and bacteria on our skin and we transfer them directly to our makeup brushes. So if your friend has forgotten her make-up brush, kindly suggest she applies makeup using her fingertips because when our make-up brushes and sponges are wet, they become most feasible and perfect environment for bacteria, yeast to thrive, and it can lead to fungal infections. Wash your sponges and brushes religiously every week.


Lip gloss & Lipstick

Lips may seem safe, but they can have germ on them, and they can crack and bleed. In addition, whatever is on the lips can be transferred to the lipstick or gloss.

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Oral herpes can be found around the lip area. Lipsticks and glosses are moist, they’re breeding grounds for bacteria so infections like the contagious cold-sores-causing herpes virus can easily spread from person to person.

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Face Cream

Dipping and re-dipping fingers into a pot of cream is an invitation for germs and bacteria. Open jars are already at a higher risk for contamination because they don’t contain airtight packaging, which means bacteria and fungus often lurk on the inside borders of the jar. Keep your skin free from germs by washing your hands and using a spatula to scoop out product.

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Nail Tools

Nails clippers pose a risk because they’re used where warts and fungus hide out on our fingers, toes, and soles. Sharing them could lead to nail fungus or even types of HPV that cause plantar warts, says Bowe. If your cuticles are cut and your tools aren’t properly sanitized, bacteria and fungus can spread, causing all sorts of icky infections like warts and Hepatitis C. You should wipe the clippers in alcohol after each use, but you should probably just keep them to yourself.


Mascara/ Eyelash Curler

Sharing Mascara is generally something that we do without any hesitance but do you know that eyelids and lashes are home to a host of bacteria, which can make mascara a petri dish for viruses that cause pink eye, herpes simplex, and keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea. Although these germs might go unnoticed on one person, they may cause issues in the other person.


When you shave, the razor collects dead skin cells mixed with bacteria, so the more people using it the more risk for infection. Some people can carry harmful bacteria on their skin without getting sick, so it’s impossible to know if a razor is contaminated. Since shaving also causes abrasions and cuts, razors can also transfer blood-borne diseases like hepatitis and HIV.


So, are you sharing these products with your friends?

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