Beauty regime to follow before using makeup


Make up enhances our beauty but if we do not take care of our skin before applying make then our skin can get damaged easily. Before you start with make up every morning do give a close watch to your face and do a personal analysis of it. Try to look for subtle changes on your face like freckles, moles or the skin type. Work on your imperfection and try to resolve all these problems with a good skin care regime.

Before you apply your make up there are couple of steps which you need to follow:-


Cleanse your face thoroughly before you apply makeup .Cleansing prepares the skin for makeup and it removes all the dirt and oil from it. A good cleansing lotion or a moisturizing bar helps in doing this. Deep cleansing treatments leave your skin refreshed and it prepares the skin for face make up.

Always use a facial cleanser which suits your skin. Gently massage your skin , forehead, chin , nose and the area around the mouth. Many people ignore this but one must apply the cleanser right back to the hair line and always follow the product instruction properly.

After cleansing a good facial toner is needed to shrink the pores. A toner freshen up your pores and helps in tightening your skin. There are various ways to apply the toner, most of the women like to dip cotton balls in the toner and spread the ball on the solution across the face. I personally like sprays .I spray it on my face and let my skin soak the toner itself.

After applying toner apply a light moisturizer before applying makeup as it keeps the skin fresh especially if one is wearing a matte foundation or a powder. Moisturizer helps in diminishing fine like and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth too. They help in giving extra dewy look to your skin and create a barrier that keeps moisture in.

In addition to above steps drink at least 6-8 glasses of water to hydrate your skin and try to avoid lot of salt and alcohol as these products keep the skin dehydrated.

Take a deep cleansing treatment at home once a month or go for a facial to remove environment impurities from your skin.

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