Beauty Rules Makeup Artists Swear To


Beauty Rules Makeup Artists Swear To

A lot of us love to unravel the mysteries set by the magical world of makeup. A person who understands and knows how to play with makeup  shades can go on to an extent and create some really impressive looks which are flawless and have the power to transform an ordinary looking woman into a damsel!

MAC Makeup Artist Urvashi Rehane

Makeup is a dynamic art which tends to change every now and then and can be mastered only by doing it more and making more mistakes and creating more magic with the makeup hues! 🙂

For an expert like a professional makeup artist it is really easy for them to transform any face shape irrespective of good or bad facial features, different skin tones! When it comes to get a flawless looking face as that of the celebrities whom you admire, it is a set of beauty rules that Makeup artists stick to and make sure to follow them without a doubt so as to get the desired look!

MAC Makeup Artist Varun Bahl

So, here we have some of the best beauty rules which every makeup artist swears to in creating the most brilliant looks and making the fairer gender look even more pretty!

A heavy duty primer-

the balm put a lid primer

A primer is a must have if you wish to look flawless and wish to achieve the flawless and natural looking makeup of your favorite celebrities as if it is not makeup but their second skin which makes them look ultimately gorgeous!

So, never leave it to a moisturizer alone to handle the skin. Opt for a primer!

No Loose Powder-

Revlon Skinlights Loose Powder Natural Light

Interestingly, Makeup artists hardly swear to use loose powder always to give a finishing look to the makeup. Instead, they find it more convenient to use powder based highlighter or a soft contour powder which doesn’t give that flakey look on the skin and the greasy feeling after the base is applied is also gone!

Subtle Glow Without Blush-

Benefit Hydra Smooth Lip Color fotd

Most makeup artist resist using a blush to give that perfect soft glow to the face and completely avoid any blush for pale skin tones because any amount of it is going to look evident on the face! Instead, a highlighter or a tinted cheek stain might just be sufficient to get the natural look!

Shimmer Based Contour Powder-

Philosophy The Color of Grace FOTD

Makeup artists who wish to give a more appealing look go for shimmer based contouring powders to set the base right and also to give a more defined look to the face and making the bone structure much more evident for a better look!

Sparkling Eyes During the night-

stila liquid eyeliner indigo eye look

A shimmer based eye shadow for all the night time looks is what they swear to and stick to it by any means. Those earth toned eye shadows with subtle fine shimmers are simply what they look for every night look!

Affinity towards Mascara-

new year eye look

It is a tendency seen only with makeup artists to use multiple layers of mascara for the instant glamorous looking eyes! Make sure to not skip this big step as this is what makes all the difference!

Fuller Plump Lips-

Lancome Rouge in Love #163M Dans Ses Bras lotd

They are more into creating a fuller and natural looking glossy pout because no one simply overpass you full plump lips even without a trace of color. Those who have thin lips should stay away from darker vampy lip shades!

Natural Brows-

MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit eotd

A strong brow game for a makeup artist means to simply define the natural eyebrows and not go over with over-filling the brows and make them look artificially full and dense and arched! It is not their thing! They go for a brush up only!

I hope you find these beauty rules worth sticking to from a makeup artists point of view and we should certainly believe them because they are the ones who have innovated certain makeup trends which we tend to quickly follow right!

Did you know about these beauty rules?

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