Beauty Secrets Of 4 Bollywood Divas


By Shivangi Chauhan

Beauty Secrets Of 4 Bollywood Divas

Heyooo friends!!

So, after a long long hiatus i am finally on track and hope to be here. Let me first break some good news for you guys – I got a job at Infosys 😀 and i am sooooo happy about it. All those months of being busy and tensed finally paid off.

Now, let us spill some secrets here 😉 In today’s post we will take a look at what makes our favourite actresses look so adorably beautiful all the time. Definitely makeup isn’t the answer, so we dig deep today to find out their hush hush secrets 😉

Kareena Kapoor


kareena kapoor haircut


Let’s start with the size zero queen. I always envied her figure and the fact that she is amazingly beautiful even without makeup, so is her sister. This kapoor khandaan really got some swag, dude! She believes in eating six small, healthy and nutritious meals, performing Surya Namaskar and power yoga which helped her develop an enviable and jaw dropping figure. Contrary to popular belief, she did not resort to fad diets or harsh diet menus but worked consistently and smartly to achieve her target vital statistics.  Kareena is a vegetarian and practices a lot of yoga. During the day, she wears no makeup at all and at night, she loves to play up her eyes with lots of kohl. This is all this beauty has to say in revealing her secrets.

Nargis Fakhri


Nargis Fakhri Hairstyle On Carpet


The pout girl religiously sticks to a regime of basic skin care by cleansing, toning and moisturizing. she vouches for natural products and ingredients being safe and effective. She loves to continuously sip on coconut water to keep her system devoid of toxins. For a radiant skin, she adds lemon to her drinking water. She thinks using a sun block is necessary no matter what conditions you are going out in.

Shilpa Shetty




Standing tall and fit, the secret to her toned and curvaceous body is her fitness philosophy consisting of: weight training for toning, yoga to attain flexibility and agility and meditation for calm and peace. She does not believe in starvation or crash diets but instead abides by healthy eating habits in sync with a rigorous exercise regime. She drinks aloe vera juice first thing in the morning as she believes its good for her immune system & skin. You bet she has the best figure in the industry??

Hema Malini


hema malini


Dream girl back then, dream girl right now! Agree? You have to, she is one epitome of natural beauty. Gracefully ageing she restores her beautiful skin by using aroma oils for keeping her skin glowing and healthy. To maintain healthy tresses, she uses a mixture of coconut oil, amla, tulsi and neem to massage her hair twice a week. Using the Clarins cleansing milk, makes her skin smooth and fresh. Drinking lots of water is another important aspect of keeping her skin hydrated and radiant and she swears by this. For fitness, she does cycling, Pranayam for 45 minutes and yoga on every alternate day. She believes in a strict vegetarian diet which consists of roti, dal, vegetables, rice, rasam, dry fruits, paneer, fresh fruits, green tea and occasionally a helping of ghee.

How motivating these secrets are? I truly believe, with fresh fruits healthy diet and some some exercise, we all can restore that glow on the skin. What you have to say? 🙂

And yeah! Please welcome me back 😉

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