Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women


Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women

Hello ladies! I have a question! Are you also in awe of the beauty of the Arabian women? Are you also envious of their flawless skin? Well, I sure am! I just love their skin and just cannot help myself looking at them, turning my head towards them and admiring their beauty. Well you know they have a different beauty regime like we used to hear out in stories about Jasmine, the famous Disney character. It is like they live the Disney life in real. I am sharing with you today Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women.

I am sharing it with you and you may thank me later after you see the results. Really cannot wait to see the results and also the feed backs you all would share. But before that, let’s quickly have a look at the secrets. 😀

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Argan Oil

Argan Oil is something they use for almost everything on their skin as well as hair. While we used it only on our hair, they have been using it all over their body and that too extensively. They use it on their skin to rejuvenate it, take care of dryness and also to keep it from ageing. It is something they do almost daily.

For their hair also, they trust on argon oil as it is good on hair, this secret is though, known to us.


I am not too sure but this is a known secret too. Arabian women prefer to take shower in a special way. They take this shower which is more of a sauna wherein they use natural herbs and oils to garnish their bodies, and to exfoliate it well. The reason behind those supple hands and legs is this Hammam.


Their wax is called Halawa. They do not go for those Italian and other wax like we do. They make their own wax right in their homes and use it whenever required. This is why their skins seem so nourished and flawless.


Arabian women do not eat junk food! Yes! our biggest fallacy is not eating right and not being able to spend our time on physical exercises. This is why we are lagging behind in every sphere from them. Their skins speak for them as they eat naturally grown substances. Their food does not contain artificial stuff which could harm their skin or bodies.

Covered Life

We always consider these women a lot underprivileged this way that they are always covered but in reality this is also one of the basic reason why their skin stays younger and without fallacies for a longer period of time. They keep themselves covered from all the possible places where they could get a tan or could be subjected to dirt. I really think we should consider this as well.


Their Kohl speaks for itself. It is natural kohl made at home and it can give all the brands a run for their money specially when it looks so awesome on their protruding eyes out of their veils and scarfs.

So you can now see what all changes you need to incorporate in your life to be able to have a skin a little closer to those beautiful Arab women. These are all simple steps but all we need is patience to reach a bit close.

Much Love




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