Beauty Secrets Of Malaika Arora Khan Revealed


Beauty Secrets of Malaika Arora Khan


The sexy Malaika Arora Khan is hands down the hottest mum in Bollywood. Can you believe that she is 40? I can’t. Her glowing skin and fit body can bring a 20 year old to shame :-P.


malaika arora khan skin secret


She believes in leading a stress-free life for a healthy mind and body. Her dance moves on Munni or Anarkali are just awesome. Those lovely eyes and flawless skin are absolutely amazing.

Malaika’s Makeup Secrets

Though she is in the glamour industry where makeup is a must all the time, still she prefers to keep her face bare whenever she is not shooting. Also when it comes to makeup, Malaika likes to keep it minimal. I’m sure her gorgeous skin helps here.


malaika arora khan beauty secrets

•Like most girls, Malaika has her makeup essentials list. That is- an eyebrow kit, an eyelash curler, mascara, a good lipstick and blusher.
•Her favourite mascara is Diorshow mascara. Now you know the secret of those beautiful eyes.
•Her favourite eye shadows are all MAC. Malaika loves MAC Bronze, Goldmine, Honey Lust and Amber Lights.
•She swears by the power of good highlighting. You would always see her with perfect cheekbones and now you know that the secret is good highlighting and contouring.
•Her favorite makeup brands are MAC and Bobbi Brown.

Malaika’s Skincare Secrets


malaika arora khan hair secret


Now find out the secrets behind her radiant glow-
•Malaika’s beauty essentials are lots of SPF, good diet, water and sleep.
•She religiously follows the CTM routine. However busy she is, she never forgets to cleanse, tone and moisturize her face.
•She has oily skin and always uses an oil-free moisturizer. Malaika likes La Mer Moisturizing Cream.
•She never skips removing her makeup and washing her face before going to bed.
•Malaika does not drink or smoke. This helps her in keeping the radiance in her skin always alive.
•She is a complete home-remedy person. Malaika always uses homemade face packs and hair oils.

Malaika’s Fitness Secrets


malaika arora khan fitness secret


Malaika’s yummy mummy body is to die for. She loves trying different routines for fitness. Malaika likes going to gym and doing Pilates but she also does Yoga. She says that whatever works for you is the best workout. You can walk, jog or run but the key lies in staying active.

She starts her day with a glass of warm water with some honey and lime squeezed in it. She believs in the funda of – Breakfast like a king, lunch like a royal prince and dinner like a pauper.

She loves eating healthy, low carb food but also binges occasionally.

With these insights, you can follow Malaika’s secrets and look even more gorgeous.

Do you like Malaika Arora Khan?

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  1. 40?? Are u freakin kidding me??? She is so super hot! And such a suitable article maitri. I loved it! Anamika/maitri, can you cover the tricks to contouring and highlighting? I have never done it and im scared I will look like a baboon if I try! U guys r the best to guide me

  2. Seriously she is 40??? I still do not believe u…she looks beautiful and hot. I love her glowing skin and cheekbones esp, amazing article Maitri :))

  3. There was a time when the industry didn’t accept her becos of her height and protruding teeth.. N look at her now.. She has completely smitten everybody with her style and charm 🙂 Nice post Maitri.. 🙂


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