Beauty Secrets Of Rekha


Beauty Secrets Of Rekha


Yesteryear Bollywood Diva…err…its wrong to call her a ‘yesteryear diva’. The Bollywood diva Rekha probably has the largest fan following as her admirers are from at least four different generations including the current lot. Rekha is still as gorgeous as she was in her younger days. Her skin glows and her hair flows :-D.


rekha beauty secrets hair care


The mysterious beauty definitely has some secrets behind her looks. Some of them are here.

Rekha Makeup Secrets

She has strong features that support makeup and lights. Her eyes are the of perfect shape and super-expressive.


rekha makeup secrets


She doesn’t use much makeup. Her makeup essential is a lipstick. She likes to use mascara and eyeliner but a lipstick is indispensable for her. She usually carries only lipstick in her vanity. Her bold lips are a proof of that.

Rekha Skin Care Secrets

As a little girl she used to bathe with gram flour or besan only. She still goes for regular spa treatments. Her favourite ingredient for a glowing skin is- LOVE!


rekha secrets of beauty


She still is a huge fan of home remedies and believes that her ever-glowing skin is a result of that. She never skips her cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. There is always a moisturizer in her kitty.

Rekha belives in getting enough sleep so she goes to bed early and wakes up early also. This also keeps her skin radiant.

Rekha Hair Care Secrets


rekha beauty secrets


Here too she relies on nature. She swears by a hair pack using yogurt, honey and egg-white to maintain her long locks. She as a child never used shampoos on her hair instead shikakai powder which definitely works wonders.

Rekha never combs wet hair and also never uses hair-dryer.

Rekha Fitness Secrets

She loves to workout. Rekha believes in moderation when it comes to food but she does not believe in any special diets. She likes simple vegetarian food, full of enzymes and anti-oxidants, in the right portion. She says that food served with love and the right ambience helps. She loves to eat and always stay hydrated.

Rekha takes her last meal of the day before 7:30 in the evening. She likes to have seasonal fruits, vegetables and nuts in her diet.
She exercises daily. Yoga and meditation are important parts of her fitness regime. Besides she also loves to dance.

Those were some of the secrets of evergreen Rekha. These make my belief that home remedies are the best way to stay gorgeous for long, even stronger.

Are you a fan of Rekha?

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  1. While I love Rekha’s traditional style and beautiful hair, I really don’t think her agelessness is purely due to a good diet and beauty regime. I do think she has resorted to cosmetic procedures for aging gracefully, but who cares! She looks great either way.. :p

  2. She looks and meditation helps a aunt has radiant skin even at the age of 50 and all she uses on her face is milk cream..:)


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