Beauty & Style Transformation Of Kristen Stewart


Beauty & Style Transformation Of Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart was just 11 when she debuted in “The Safety of Objects” in 2001. Wow look at her then and now! She certainly has transformed herself too well for the world to be astonished at. Her beauty is definitely coming of ages and is making her look so pretty at all do’s she is attending and appearing at. Her appearances on the screen are also definitely worth a watch.

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From a short bob style cut in 2001 and 2002 to a blonde in 2005, one can definitely see how a pretty girl transformed into a teenager who was soon going to be even more beautiful.


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Two years later, in 2007, one could again see a style change with her looks becoming more defined and her hairstyles coming to a maturity as well alike her age. Now with fully acknowledging makeup as an essence of beauty she amazed everyone with her sensuous looks in “The Cutlass” and “Into the Wild”. There sure was no turning back for her by then.

With “Twilight” came the dawn of her career wherein she experimented with different looks and styles. Her bold appearances, eye makeup, spoke loud of the actress now being transforming into an actress who is just brilliant and a woman who knows what being a woman actually is. She looked awesome throughout the Twilight saga and made the world reckon of her existence.

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At 25, she is being recognized as a woman of substance. She has now being honored lately by National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress in her movie “Clouds of Sils Maria”, which is a definite acclaim to her and she has lived up to the expectations of her audience by her acts and mature looks.

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She is also the face of the Brand Chanel and Balenciaga which also makes her the face of the youth. At her age, she is justified to experiment with different hairstyles and looks and makeup and she has done it too well. With her kind of personality, she has experimented with hairstyles, short and long and has looked awesomely well. She has carried her makeup too well gradually moving from innocence to boldness giving the world a reason to smile at her back in appreciation.

All of 25, she sure knows how the industry plays and how her appearances matter. With hairstyles ranging from short to long, her eye makeup moving to maturity with more of bronze and dark eye shadows, her smile getting more confident, which gives us an idea how she has transformed herself to be a part of Hollywood.

She has dressed for all occasions so nicely as well, I mean I like the way she has kept her dressing style almost constant, playing only with her makeup and hair. The style statement comes from her smile and her confidence to carry the fame she is enjoying.

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She has experimented with hair colors also too well. From Auburn to brown to blonde, she has done it all. Moving along hairstyles, she sure knows how to rule the hearts of millions who fall for her looks and beauty and no I am not talking about men alone!  I am sure a lot of us also follow her for the styles she follows.

Do you like her style evolution over the years?

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