Beauty tip-Baking soda to increase hair volume


Mix baking soda(the one which is used in cooking)with your conditioner and apply it on your hair.You can mix 1tbsp of baking soda with the conditioner and wait for five-seven minutes after apllying it .With in few minutes your hair will be thick, shiny and soft .This is because baking soda creates a coating on the hair which makes them look thick.

To know various uses of baking soda click here.


  1. welcome to my blog Sanjiveethere wont be any side effect but it shouldn't be used regualrly..Once or twice in a week is fine.

  2. @ Perfection is huam-welcome to my blog buddy.It will really work ..bakind soda works for hair and face both…Do let me know how it turns out:)@Jagruti-Welcome to my blog Jagruti.:)I am glad you liked it:)

  3. there seems to be some problem, my comments not getting displayed :(……well baking soda is of such great utility..thanks one for useful idea of it

  4. heyyy…. 🙂
    i lyk it…. :-))
    itz gr8… :yes:
    instant way to increase the volume of hair………
    but does it last for 3-4 days… ?:-)


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