Beauty tip – Best time to apply moisturizer /All about moisturizing


By Nancy ,

Hi ,

I would like to contribute few moisturizing tips whichร‚ย  I have learnt with experience.Though they are easy tips but hold lot of importance.

1. Apply moisturizer right after washing your skin, when our skin is damp.When we apply moisturizer to damp skin , it locks the water in upper layer of the skin .

2. If you use toner then leave the toner on damp skin and immediately apply moisturizer.

3. Do not apply moisturizer on dry face and also not on the wet face.

4.ร‚ย  Use moisturizer which have SPF protection in day time and avoid using the same at night as it may clogs pores.

5.Skin near our eyes can become fluffy as it retains fluid.Use a separate eye cream for this purpose.

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  1. many oily-skined girls think when they have oily skin, they need not put moisturiser cos oil is natural moisturiser for their skin but, its not the fact. Moisturisation is very imp for soft skin, oily skin should use oil-free moisturiser.


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